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Thread: King of the Hammers 2012

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    King of the Hammers 2012

    It's not everyday that you get to see a street legal JK participate in the Ultra4 Class King of the Hammers Race and, all I can say is that we were so glad to have the opportunity to be apart of the Off Road Evolution Team. Thanks to their awesome off the shelf EVO Lever system, the EVO 1 JK was deemed to be "too fast" for the Everyman Challenge and really, that was fine by them. While they were ultimately timed out and unable to finish the race, it wasn't as a result of any failures on their JK.

    Anyway, here are some pics highlighting our week out at the King of the Hammers. I hope you enjoy

    A shot of Moby and Moochie's JK on the outskirts of Hammertown a week before the big race and well before it grew 10x what you see here...

    Pulling into Pit 2A to scope it out...

    Meeting up with the rest of the EVO Team and going over the game plan...

    Before heading back to camp, we ran into Landers to tank up and, on the way back, made a stop over at Giant Rock...

    Beautiful sunset to end a great day...

    The crack of dawn on race day for the Everyman Challenge...

    Racers lining up for the Everyman Challenge...

    Our friend Tom broke down at Mile 21, just in front of Martel and so we went out to help recover him...

    Shot of the Jumbo-Tron being tested out...

    Standing room only at the drivers meeting in the Hammer Lounge...

    Qualifing run day and, another beautiful morning out in Johnson Valley...

    Buggies lining up to give it their best up Chocolate Thunder...

    Heading into the rocks!!

    Getting kind of tippsy...

    A lot of well built rigs went up and over right at the gatekeeper...

    Here's one getting winched back on its feet...

    EVO 1 pulling up to the starting line...

    Systems 'CHECK' - Mel and Jim ready to ROCK!!

    And their OFF!!!

    Unlike the other buggies who tried tearing things up with their V8's, Mel just used his tiny 3.8L V6 to crawl his way up the gatekeeper...

    It's all gravy from here...

    Dropping back down after crossing the finish line at 10 minutes 18 seconds...

    Here's a video highlighting their run...

    Setting up at the Off Road Evolution display...

    Buggies lining the streets of Hammertown for tech inspection day...

    Oh no - an electrical problem on EVO 1...

    Checking the Ultra4 Trailer to see where Mel and Jim placed...

    Not bad considering who they're racing against...

    Crowd gathering in the center of Hammertown to watch highlights from the Qualifying run on the Jumbo-Tron...

    Crack of dawn on race day...

    Thanks to the great guys from Mopar, EVO 1 is fixed and ready to go...

    Official EVO 1 helmet...

    Shot of the 3 Mels...

    Oh yeah, Mel and Jim are definitely ready for this...

    Video of the EVO 1 start - What you don't see is how half a dozen buggies got all bogged down on the hill about 10 minutes before they got to it....

    Setup at Pit 2A and ready to take care of EVO 1...

    Rolling into Pit 2A for a quick once over, air line fix on the front locker and a splash of gas...

    Nearing the end of Lap 1, a call came in on the radio saying that EVO 1 broke a steering arm. Unfortuantely, the spare was back at the main pit so, we pulled the one off of Moby...

    Even before they pulled in, the EVO pit crew was ready to make the needed repairs...

    Within a record breaking 15 minutes, the EVO pit crew was able to pull apart and replace the entire driver side steering knuckle and, EVO 1 was on its way again...

    On Lap 2A and just a couple miles away from Pit 2, EVO hit a large rock at high speeds and suffered a pinch induced sidewall rupture. Fortuantely, we were near by and ready to take care of them...

    Jim and Mel looking good and determined to finish this race...

    Rolling into Remote Pit 2 at 8:30 PM after a beating on Spooner and Outer Limits, word came in that EVO 1 would not be allowed to head on up Fissure Mountain - they were officially being timed out...

    It was a real disappointment that EVO 1 wasn't allowed to finish but, we all still had a great time and, there's always next year. Here's to you Mel Wade and Jim McGean!!

    To see all of the pics from our week at the King of the Hammers, simply click on the link below:

    King of the Hammers 2012 Photo Gallery

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    Good pics!
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    Looks like you guys had a blast!

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    It was a great time good seeing all my SoCal jeep buddies again

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    it's very nice to see those pics, just too bad Evo1 couldn't finish but as you said : there's always a next year

    by the way : wasn't it KoH 2012 ?
    Cheers !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Franck View Post
    it's very nice to see those pics, just too bad Evo1 couldn't finish but as you said : there's always a next year

    by the way : wasn't it KoH 2012 ?
    man, it sure is hard not to stop writing 2011

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    Great pics. This year was a huge improvement over last year next year the sky is the limit.
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    Great story and super pics as usual.

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    Looks like a great and very hectic time! I hope everyone had an awesome trip, it sure looks like it. Congrats to the Evo team just for being able to participate in KOH. Just the fact that the JK competed and made it out in one piece is a huge accomplishment and definately shows alot for the Evo products, Dynatrac axles, and all other components on the rig. Those Nitto's look killer on there!

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    nice pics.
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