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Thread: HOW to GET to the NIPPLES - Front Lower Control Arm Greasing Solution

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    Great write up!! Detailed!! Thanks

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    Awesome. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ingenuity.
    Courtesy is given. Respect is Earned.

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    Happy to be redirected if this has been addressed elsewhere, but I couldn't find it.
    Question is - does anyone know if Johnny zerks (Evo control arms) are any more accessible on a stock JLUR axle?
    Like the pics from Moby, the control arm mount DOES have a hole above where the LCA joints would be. But hard to figure angles and depth etc.
    Have an Evo Enforcer 2.5 kit (stage 4) inbound and wondering if I ought to be planning to install the low profile zerks, as demonstrated here in thread.

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