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Thread: NEW VIDEO : HEART & SOUL - A Moab Vacation with the Engineers from Jeep [Part-2]

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    Another fantastic video! Was really nice to have the short interviews with the Jeep folks to hear about their work over the years!

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    Very nice! Perfect little video to watch while doing some prep cooking and waiting for family to get to town this morning.

    Makes me want to get to Moab even more now.

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    Knows a Thing or Two
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    I like it! The editing looks different. Did you change cameras or editing software? Still nice but has a different look than your other videos.

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    Never get tired of the scenery.
    Great video!
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    Another great video. Love the scenery and the stories.
    Merry Christmas all.

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    NEW VIDEO : HEART & SOUL - A Moab Vacation with the Engineers from Jeep [Part-2]

    Couldn't wait. Had to go hide and watch it. Will marathon the series later on this evening. Thanks so much for working so hard to get this out to us. I love seeing the stock jeeps keep up but I gotta say, Rubicat just makes everything look so smooth. Cindy is one hell of a driver!

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    As always great video. Man you guys do awesome with films every time makes me want to get out. Glad to be part of the Wayalife community. That CJ 7 is bad ass and great job getting out of the way Eddie of the silver LJ on Cliffhanger. Thanks for the gift. I hope there will be many more. Merry Christmas

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    Well done video as alway Eddie.

    I think next year’s trip will be just as epic... plans in process :-)

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    Awesome video as always.
    My favorite part was the beautiful CJ

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    Awesome video!! Thanks for sharing...

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