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Thread: DIY - Rear License Plate Cross Member Relocation Mount Write-Up

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    Quote Originally Posted by piginajeep View Post
    Good write up,

    In most states a license plate light is required. It was always good PC for stopping drunks. So if you drive drunk get a plate light.
    Yup, got pulled over last week for no license plate light! I can’t really argue to much, it was 1130 pm on a Friday night in Barstow. His chances of someone drunk were pretty high. Poor cop looked disappointed when he talked to me and I was on my way home from work, completely sober!

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    Not advocating driving without a seatbelt, but fun fact. In Nevada driving without a seatbelt is not a ticket-able offense by its self, but if you get stopped for an unrelated reason like not having a license plate light than it is.

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    This is great!!! I just made one so I could install my backup camera!!

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