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Thread: VIDEO : Cooper Tire STT PRO Performance - 2 Years of Testing Out on the Trail

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    I bought the STT Pro in 37 specifically because of your recommendation. While I am not new to Jeeps, I have not had one in a few years. I am purchasing some stuff even before I buy the JL Rubicon so that when I do pull the trigger, it can come home and I can get right to work on it. I have been using this site and your JL site for advice and recommendation. Thanks for testing these things so I can buy right the first time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tincup View Post
    Thanks Eddie for the updates on your Cooper STT Pros.

    I just ordered my Cooper STT Pros this morning. Putting them on Monday. Do wish the 255 didn’t have the white writing on the side wall (putting white side on the inside). But excited to try them out.
    Glad to hear our video and update was helpful to you. As mentioned, you can always put the white walls on the inside.

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    This thread pretty much sold me on these. Excited to get these guys mounted tomorrow. And get them on some rocks the following weekend.

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    Got the tires on. They are great can’t wait to get on the dirt and rocks. To me they are actually more quiet than I was expecting.

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