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Thread: M37 Barn find

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    Cool, and no matter what you decide to do with it, its an incredible find.

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    Way cool! I’m with Ddays and make it a runner and see where it leads you after you work the kinks out. Awesome friend and again Way cool!

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    Voting for original and fix what needs to be fixed. Nostalgia is fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wjtstudios View Post
    Another vote to keep it close to original with a few minor upgrades to make it a bit more safe. Great barn find and story!

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    I would keep it as original as safely possible. Depending on how the brakes and suspension feel, I would recommend upgrading them so I knew when I drove it I would be able to control it.

    Congratulations on the great find! Enjoy bringing her back to life in the manner you see fit!

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    What a great friend you have! That truck is so cool

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    Hell of a find! Unbelievable what is still hiding out in barns around the country.

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    Very cool, either way you go I know you'll do it right!

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    Id re-power with a Cummins out of a ram

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    So cool! Congrats!

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    Stock all the way ....

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