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Thread: RUBICAT's REBELLION - Snow Wheeling FUN in the Middle of March

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    RUBICAT's REBELLION - Snow Wheeling FUN in the Middle of March

    While it may be premature to call this a 'Miracle March', winter sure had a funny way of showing up late and is now stubbornly sticking around way longer than we'd prefer. Still, if mother nature is gonna bring down the white stuff, what could one expect us to do but to get out in it. After waking up to about a foot of snow, Cindy and I quickly bundled up, shoveled the driveway and just as we were about ready to go, we were surprised to see that Rubicat standing in our way. In a stern voice, she let us know that there was no way she was getting left behind and explained that we were going to be taking her or no one. Needless to say, the following photos highlight the fun we had laying down first tracks with our ol' 2012 JK Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited. We hope you enjoy.

    The night before, the weather forecast that we might get about 2-3" of snow. After waking up at the crack of dawn, we opened the door and saw that we had gotten as much as 6"-8" and it was still coming down good.

    Our landscaping lights looked like cotton candy.

    After shoveling the driveway, we loaded up Rubicat and headed up into the hills.

    Unfortunately for us, the snow began to let up as the sun began to rise and so we decided to head back to town and go out to breakfast.

    Surprisingly, all through breakfast, the snow really started to come down and by the time we got home, it looked as if another 2"-4" had fallen. Need I say, we turned right back around and headed out again.

    Heading to the west side of the valley this time around, we quickly found ourselves pushing through knee deep and in places, deeper snow.

    Even with 40" tires, Rubicat was really have to work hard to push her XD60 through the white stuff.

    Still, she was making forward progress so she insisted on pushing ahead.

    It was about here that Cindy and I decided that it'd probably be pretty stupid of us to continue on especially being that we were by ourselves. Needless to say, we overruled Rubicat's objection and decided to turn around.

    After getting Rubicat turned around, it still took a bit of effort to get us down the mountain and off the trail.

    Even though the snow is still falling steadily, I think we were all had a great time out in the snow and are glad to be safely back a home. In any case, that's how we spent our Friday morning and we hope that you enjoyed following the fun we had.

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    Nice!! Lots of snow up on the trail!! I’m sure Rubicat was very happy to get out and stretch the legs

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    Looks like an awesome time! You live in a beautiful area.

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    Super cool day! Rubicat looks awesome in the white stuff.

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    Awesome! Rubicat looks great

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    Way cool even tho I’m over the white shit! Rubycat looks at home in the deep stuff!

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    Awesome, looks like a lot of fun. Rubicat is still one of my favorite Jeeps!

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    Cool pics, looks like a lot of fun. Good to see Rubicat out and about again.

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    That’s a lotta snow!!!

    Rubicat looks awesome out there!!

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