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Thread: New phone, app store app is way old and won't work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dale72 View Post
    It's back up

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    Still no go here

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    I still can't get the playstore version to work for me. The full site version too small to read on my phone so went to tapatalk and using that for this reply. Easier for me to read format.

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    Quote Originally Posted by desertrunner View Post
    I I just got a new phone yesterday and had to obviously re download all my apps. When I searched for the wayalife app it's super old in the app store and tries to open version 1.3.18 and it doesn't work. I can't find a way to update it either. Kinda at a loss on how to get the app back. Any ideas?
    the app worked great on my samsung 7 edge, then it all of the sudden stopped working on my samsung table also. The website continued to work...I'll use the work around of placing a web shortcut on my desktop till the issue is resolved...I love this site and hopefully it could be resolved shortly...


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    I had the same issue when I upgraded to the Samsung S9, the app was old and not working. This is what did to make it work. Install a free apk extractor from the play store (pick any) on my old S4. Extracted the apk to the sd card and moved the file to my new phone, and Installed the WAL app on my new phone. It is working without any trouble.
    Hope this helps.

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