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I told you to sell it because every time you talked about it, all you could do was talk about how many miles were on the engine, how you didn't think it was gonna last, how it had this leak or that overheating problem or how unhappy you were with the way the control arm brackets got caught on rocks. Of course, this is to say nothing about the fact that it was just sitting in your garage collecting dust.

Well, it isn't too late. If anything, now would be the time to sell it. Me, there's no way I'd go back to a JK that wasn't already built up to the level of Moby or Rubicat after having my JL.
I guess I walked into this one. Lol. Of course I fixed the leaks and overheating issues. Inspite of the suspension challenges, it went everywhere Jeeps costing twice as much to build went.

I think I'll keep the JL...I agree, its definitely a huge improvement over the JK. I just hope some of the bugs can be worked out.