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Thread: VIDEO : MOAB - IT STARTS AGAIN / Part 2 - Metal Masher & Poison Spider + CODE 1

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    I love hearing serious Jeep people talk about a really cool build.

    A bunch of really great Jeeps and Jeepers enjoying a great time. Thanks for letting us watch.

    Do the speed bumps at the mall count as crawlin?


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    New to California

    Great video as expected - Love the Code 1, not sure I'll ever own a bucket that big to put on my list.

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    Another awesome video. Glad found a solution so to speak about the transmission. And it happened in a safest spot so nobody got hurt. Remember, Shiny Side Up!! Don't need to see Turtle Mode happening.

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    Awesome video. Great feature on Code 1.

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    Bad Ass. They really set the bar high with Code 1... Fun watching the Shop Talk with a Moab backdrop...

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    Cool video and thanks for the walk around on code1! Metal masher is one trail I have yet to run but want to.

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    I think it is nice to watch Jeep videos with a good mix of trail, nature and music. Watching the few trail mishaps was interesting, since I have had the same issues, and its an opportunity to learn from.

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    Another fantastic video! You guys are so good at showcasing the scenery as well as the jeeps!

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    As my Jeep sits in the driveway with a control arm dangling underneath attached with zip ties, I watched this video and couldn’t stop smiling. It makes me realize that even with minor set backs like this, getting out in my Jeep and being with friends has become my new passion. It’s the wayalife videos that shaped my vision of what it all could be like and this one for some reason takes me right back to when I was only wishing I had a Jeep. It never gets old and always feels new. It’s definitely more than just a Jeep. It’s a wayalife.

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    Great Part Two of the series...slickrock, which really is a misnomer since it usually offers great traction, really becomes slick when it's wet and muddy, & your tires are wet also...

    I've always opted for manual shifting in both the Brute & JK6 when in 4lo in order to control rpms...especially during hill climbs. Apparently in the JL it is a prerequisite...have you had any feedback from your Jeep contacts in regard to both yours & Tonys experience with the throttle glitch?

    Lastly, Code 1 is an outstanding rig...I absolutely love what they've done to the body and top...

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