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Thread: VIDEO : MOAB - IT STARTS AGAIN / Part 2 - Metal Masher & Poison Spider + CODE 1

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    VIDEO : MOAB - IT STARTS AGAIN / Part 2 - Metal Masher & Poison Spider + CODE 1

    After a lightning storm, a down pouring of heavy rain and even a bit of hail, we kicked off a muddy day of wheeling in Moab, out on one of favorite trails, Metal Masher. It would be here that I'd get to experience for myself, the problems associated with bumping up a big obstacle and without having our JL Wrangler's automatic transmission shifted into manual mode. It would also be here that I'd find the negative side of a hitch mounted stinger and why it's always good to wheel with friends. The second half of our day would be spent wheeling with Dynatrac, out on the Poison Spider Mesa Trail and with the purposes of helping them do a photo shoot of CODE 1, their awesome Jeep JL Wrangler pick-up running 42" tires. As luck would have it, we were also able to get an interview with it's creators and learned more about the features that make it so cool. We hope that you enjoy the show and we'd love to hear what you think of it.

    More than just being the newest model Jeep, the best part about owning a JL Wrangler is the fact that its allowed us to start all over again. We get to install new lift kits, new wheels and tires and all kinds of new accessories but even better than that, we've been able to experience the thrill of wheeling a brand new Jeep, in a place like Moab and like it was our very first time. "MOAB : IT STARTS AGAIN" is a WAYALIFE Epic Trex Adventure that highlights the all new pilgrimage we made out to the promised land in JET Li, our lightly modified Jeep JL Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited. Along for the ride were our good friends Tony and Steph who came in their near identical JL Wrangler and Et and Michelle who came in their moderately modified JK Wrangler Unlimited.

    WIN a Pair of WAYALIFE Shot Glasses!!
    If you'd like to WIN a pair of WAYALIFE Shot Glasses Giveaway, all you have to do is post up a response on this thread and let us know what you think of the video. Doing this will automatically enter into our drawing. A WINNER will be selected at random and announced when Part 3 is released. Thanks for watching and good luck to you!

    Selected totally at random, the WINNER of the WAYALIFE shot glasses is...

    Quote Originally Posted by PatyWagon View Post
    Imho this is what's great about your videos, you take the time to show us what is happening, what went wrong or right and how to avoid same outcome or make it better.
    Congratulations PatyWagon!

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    Awesome video! Glad you all discovered the shifting into manual that will be super helpful for people to know. Gorgeous views throughout!

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    Well son of a bitch! Lol. Nice work you guys! Glad you found a work around for the transmission.
    I know Code 1 has it’s own thread but DAMN that thing is sweet!

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    Another excellent video on another excellent trail. We’re heading down in a few weeks and metal masher is on our list...oh and this stuff should would taste better in a pair of WAYALIFE shot glasses IMG_0980.jpg

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    Another great video Eddie love every minute

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    VIDEO : MOAB - IT STARTS AGAIN [Part 2 - Metal Masher / Poison Spider / CODE 1]

    Cool video. Power cutout sounds sketchy though.

    I like the interview about creation of Code 1.
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    Another great video to watch, it's definitely on my list to head over that way sometime! I am kind of partial to the rain and mud though. 😉

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    Great vid. I’m sure as the model progresses the revving stall will be addressed and remedied (even though you figured out how to defeat it already). Funny about the tail stinger causing you to lose contact. Never thought about that.

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    Another top notch video, if there's a way to defeat the governor function, then you'll find it.

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    More inspiration to get my butt to Moab! Good to see you figured out how to avoid the power cut out, and awsome to see Code1 in action!

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