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Thread: VIDEO : MOAB - IT STARTS AGAIN / Part 3 - Behind the Rocks & Top of the World

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    Caught the Bug
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    Lol i saw the spot where you helped us push mybadjk off the rock on top of the world!!!! Thanks again lol

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    Another great video! The scenery in the Moab area is spectacular and you do a great job at catching it. I’m more impressed with the new JL and it’s capabilities with every new video that you and Cindy put out. I’m convinced that a new JL is in the near future

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    Great video! There is so much beautiful scenery in Moab, it's not all rocks and ledges. All of you made
    upchuck look like a walk in the park, and Hummer Hill is all sky till you get to the top. One of the best ◇◇

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    Great video as always! Top of the World is definitely on my list next time I get out there. I don't think I'll be sitting on the ledge tho. Scary!!!

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    Great video ! Now I sort of know what MOAB looks like from the East coast and what I'm missing . That rear stinger is awesome and shared usage is a great idea as it has saved a few rear end bumps. Now if I could find someone to bend one for me......hmm that big rock outside my back yard.....

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    Part 3 was great! Behind the rocks looks like a ton of fun

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    So....Tip Toe Behind the Rocks....watching your other videos in Moab I have always wondered what the bypasses/optional trails for less built up Jeeps would look like. Thanks for that and as usual a very well done video!

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    A well done ending to the trifecta...Behind the Rocks is one of my favorite Moab trails...Hummer Hill is sneakily steep...

    Ending the video with the iconic shot at Top of the World was a nice touch...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edwrds View Post
    Great videos Eddie and Cindy. Amazed how you guys make it look so easy.
    Thanks - glad you enjoyed it

    Quote Originally Posted by Bruduc View Post
    Another great video, the scenery is awesome. I really have to there one day.
    It really is a must at least once in your life

    Quote Originally Posted by BaddestCross View Post
    Awesome shots of Moab! I think this one was the best of the 3. Good job guys! 👍
    Thank you, we're glad to hear it

    Quote Originally Posted by TrailHunter View Post
    Awesome! Such a great series...
    It's been running us ragged to get these done as fast as we are and we're glad to hear they're coming out okay

    Quote Originally Posted by ob_tj View Post
    Loved top of the world! Those ledges were a blast in my TJ!
    It was great seeing you out there

    Quote Originally Posted by OverlanderJK View Post
    Cool video so far (still watching)! Behind the rocks was the first trail I’ve ever done in Moab. One of my favorites.
    Hope you still enjoyed it all the way to the end

    Quote Originally Posted by jeeeep View Post
    behind the rocks is one of my favorites.

    I hope to head back in july and spend a couple of days there with family.
    How lucky are you

    Quote Originally Posted by billarnett View Post
    Great video, as usual :-) Extra benefit this time: it convinced my wife to try a few new trails.
    That's awesome

    Quote Originally Posted by 19YJ94 View Post
    Great video, awesome ending view with Jet Li.
    Thank you

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    This is an incredible video series.

    I love the time of the year it was shot, with the snow covered mountains for a backdrop.

    Nice to show some of the easier routes and obstacles, not just the extreme ones. Truly you have shown something for every level of Jeeper.

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