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Thread: WIN a DYNATRAC JL Wrangler EnduroSport Lift Kit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jesse3638 View Post
    I have a JK will this lift fit on my Jeep? Can I still win it?...

    Reading does not appear to be some people's strong suit. Then again most feel rules don't apply to them these days anyway. Thank you Dynatrac and Wayalife for making this possible. Someone who read the rules will get an awesome kit.
    What's even funnier is that none of these people will even bother to follow up on this thread to see these responses

    Quote Originally Posted by Overland_stormtrooper View Post
    Just watched the vid. Nicely done .. if I had a jl ........
    Thank you

    Quote Originally Posted by WJCO View Post
    Lol. I'll throw my name in the hat so I can put it on my WJ. I need another excuse to torch and weld some shit. And I'm a freeloader who can't read.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HighwayTrout View Post
    Loved the video.
    Thanks for the flashback/nightmare of hitting those railroad tracks and not expecting my suspension to rebound in the curve and flying off the road. Haha

    Awesome real world review of this lift.
    Now I need a JL.
    LOL - Of all the people I know, you're probably the one person who knows exactly where these tracks are. I really think they are a good test for a suspension system

    Oh, and yes, I think you would love a JL

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