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Thread: Patagonia M/T

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockabillyroy View Post
    AJ, it sure sounds like you know a thing or two.
    Yeah I'm full of a bunch of useless information. I was a tire guy for 20 years. You might be surprised how many big tire companies have plants in Indonesia. Michelin, Bridgestone, the list goes on. Also many conglomerates under other company umbrellas. Cooper makes lots of private brand label tires like Mastercraft. TBC is Kelly Springfield which is also Goodyear. Michelin makes Uniroyal etc. etc. it's just a crazy marketing mess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wayoflife View Post
    Unlike Japan, China is a COMMUNIST country with a government that subsidies their manufacturing industries.
    ... AND hacks trade secrets (with commendable verve and vigor) from other countries to provide their industries with that extra special bit of support.

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    Liking the new KMC XC 232 beadlocks and the 35" Patagonia M/Ts

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