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Thread: 2018 SEMA Show : LIVE Coverage Starts SUNDAY - OCTOBER 28th

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    Thanks in advance for this year's coverage. I know it's a ton of work. As always I'm sure it'll be awesome.

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    Oh man, I have a love/hate deal with these. I absolutely love the coverage, but I hate when Eddie updates when I'm in the office. I keep telling myself, wait til I get home to check it out but then I have a break in doing stuff and I peek. Next thing I know I get sucked in and don't get shit done Thanks in advance Eddie & Cindy for the coverage!

    I'm really looking forward to see what the legit companies come out with this year for the JL's. Hopefully Fab Fours ran out of welding rods and shitty ideas so we're spared of any ugly-ass Grumper sightings

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    Awesome! I can’t wait to see what’s in store! Thanks for covering it!

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    Can’t wait!!! Thanks in advance for the effort

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    Looking forward to seeing the coverage! You guys always do an awesome job

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    Can’t wait to see your coverage!

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    I like cool stuff. I have been waiting for this show and coverage. Maybe one day I wll make it out for the show.

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    Hopefully we'll get to see more JL specific two door parts and accessories like rock sliders, tops, skid plates / belly pans, lift kits, etc.
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    I can’t wait to see this years coverage! Thank you for taking us along with you two.

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    Tires! Anything new coming on Hybrid tire front. All brands are welcome. :)


    1. New Hybrid Tires or more rain/snow worthy mud tires. Mickey Thompson seems to be close to doing a tweak. Cooper also could use something new. Nitto and Toyo seems set. Any new MFG would be interesting.
    2. AEV - they have been quiet on the JL front. Would love to see if they finally have a full portfolio for JLs
    3. Light weight under body armor. Anyone anything new would be cool.

    Quote Originally Posted by wayoflife View Post

    Hey everyone, in just one week, SEMA 2018, the worlds largest auto show dedicated to the manufacturers of specialty equipment will be taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada. Unfortunately, SEMA is limited to vendors and those in the industry and unless you know someone that can get you in, it's not really something that most people can attend... well, at least not physically anyway.

    Starting on Sunday, October 28th, Cindy and I will be bringing you LIVE from the convention floor and we invite you to join us virtually by following us here on! You can be sure that we'll be paying special attention to all the new JL Wrangler and all the products being made for it but but we'll also make sure to cover anything and everything that's Jeep related. As always, we'll be sure to post up TONS of Hi-Res photos but this year, we'll also do our best to bring you videos of everything we see. We hope you'll mark your calendars and join us for the 2018 SEMA Show!!

    With that said, please let us know what you're hoping to see at SEMA!

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