Regarding this Rugged Ridge rig, absolute gorgeous, everything that was on it I will most likely buy at some point (if they ever make it) but those fender flares with integrated fender liner are easily the best thing out of SEMA 2018 for the JL. What I'm curious of however, is will these be a fender chop similar to what is already available that will require somewhat significant modification to the fender itself, or will these be like a OEM replacement fender w'll have to get paint matched?

Eddie and other talking about the AAL Fender Chop LED's:

My wife was one of the first (okay we're told we were actually the second ones) to place an "actual" order for those fender chop LED's after the initial pre-order took place, and I was talking with the owner last week and he said he's been waiting on his redesigned LED's to come in for final assembly, which would be early-mid this week. He seems like a start-up business type guy, and was producing them fast for people who had a large internet presence to get them to market before RR did. He also said he has a fender liner he's working on that requires no drilling at all, so that would be a plus as well to complement the chop.

Anyways, regardless, Eddie thank you for the pictures of this jeep and the coverage of last years SEMA, me and my wife may make the trip this year!