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Thread: WTF - Washed the Paint Off the JL Wrangler Grill

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    Hmmm do I smell another recall?

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    That's not good. I would be contacting the dealership right away. But you always wanted one of these, so maybe it's time? Lol.Screenshot_20181116-111704_Chrome.jpg

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    Oh man, that sucks!

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    What a bummer!! Definitely prep issues... hopefully it is isolated to the grill

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    Oops. Factory paint seems questionable on everything anymore.

    I peeled the chrome off our car grill. I kind of avoid the pressure washer vs paint now.

    Do the speed bumps at the mall count as crawlin?


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    Battle scar, it’s ok it’s a Jeep

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    Factory paint sucks balls. Since I got this Jeep, I've had to make sure I don't rub too hard when drying the Jeep or the paint will come off on the towel. Doesn't surprise me Eddie that the paint came off in the wash. I am not impressed with the white paint on Blanca at all. I'll never own another white vehicle. It's a bit thin in places where it shouldn't be. Just piss poor. Didn't have these 3rd world problems with the red one. I will stick with a dark color the next Jeep I get.

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