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Thread: The Jeep Gladiator Truck is FINALLY Here - 2018 LA Auto Show PICS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Parks34 View Post
    Heres a sketch of some mall crawl ones, still gives an idea of how it'll look lifted
    If you want to post up some pictures, the classy thing to do is to post pictures that don't advertise some other forum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wayoflife View Post
    I haven't really been too fond of how any stock Jeeps look since the CJ. I can almost guarantee you that with a lift and a bigger set of tires, it'll grow on you.
    Fair enough. I'm sure you are correct. Now to get the wife on board will be a whole other battle.

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    Thanks so much Edddie for the awesome coverage. I’m thinking this might be my household’s next Jeep. I’m debating between this and a JLUR. Also wondering about the diesel option and what that will be like vs. the pentastar with the 8 speed trans. Anything is going to be a dream compared to the 3.8 I’m used to driving.

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    Gladiator Build and Price

    The Jeep Gladiator Build and Price is active, except no pricing on anything yet. It is still cool to build it how you want and imagining how high you are making the price go.

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