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Thread: JL-EXPERIENCE : REUNION - PART 3 | From the Hualapai Mountains to Sedona

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    JL-EXPERIENCE : REUNION - PART 3 | From the Hualapai Mountains to Sedona

    After licking our wounds from from our epic 2nd day on the 2018 Nitto JL-Experience presented by KMC, Mel decided to give us a break from the rocks and took us out on an overland expedition across the desert and mountains of Arizona. Along the way, we would get to explore a historic mining camp, wheel across an amazing piece of private property, go on a short hike to see some ancient petroglyphs and then wrap our day turning a few wrenches, out in a parking lot. Again, being that we were not attending the JLX as official videographers, we were not able to get the footage we would have preferred but hope that you'll be able to still enjoy this 3rd episode of REUNION, for what it is. Thank you for watching.

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    And another great video! Thanks for sharing. Edit: I'm getting a bottle jack!!!!
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    JL-EXPERIENCE : REUNION - PART 3 | Overland Expedition Across Arizona

    Awesome video! I thought you weren’t able to get much footage! Lol... I’m using my bottle jack from now on, my scissor jack is all bent up already from one instance such as that that private property was cool as hell!

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    Slow mo on that damn bottle jack. Scary shit. Another good video in the series!

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    Great video again!

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    Great work! Loved the video. I never have liked those scissor jacks. Glad you stayed up and were there to help!

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    Nice video. Harris sure seems like a cool guy. Can't believe that fucking scissor jack. I've seen several damaged and bent over the years but none ever fail with the vehicle weight on it! Holy fuck, that was crazy!
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    Another great video! So when is the next one!?!?!?

    Those petroglyphs were really cool and that bottle jack scene could have been very bad for everyone especially Harris.... Glad everyone was okay.

    Just another example of why your videos are incredible, you're bringing us all the behind-the-scenes stuff that really makes up the JLX and the JKX as well.... Along with all your other videos. You get to see the true experience from your adventures through your eyes and everyone else's eyes and not just see the final product that was put together by a film crew. Not that there's anything wrong with that but all of your videos just bring a lot more personability to it and makes us all feel like we're really there 👌👏👍🍻 thanks again!

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    Wow, that concrete mansion was amazing! Thanks for sharing yet another great adventure with us.
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    That was another awesome video Eddie and Cindy! That jack failure made me jump back lol. It’s pretty cool of you guys to help with repairs but even cooler that you have all the right necessities with you.

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