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Thread: VIDEO : JL JOURNAL - TUFFY JL Wrangler Security Deck Enclosure Installation

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    VIDEO : JL JOURNAL - TUFFY JL Wrangler Security Deck Enclosure Installation

    As anyone who knows Cindy and I well, you know that the we love to run our Jeeps doorless and topless and for the times when we have to run a top, we prefer a soft top. Unfortunately, even with a soft top on, there's little to nothing that would prevent a would be thief from taking whatever he wants from the inside our Jeep and it's for this reason that we've always installed a Tuffy Security Deck Enclosure or at least, in all our JK's. Of course, even with a hard top on, having a deck like this provides the added benefit of making it easier to pack, stack and organize all our gear. Needless to say, adding a Tuffy Deck on our brand new, Jeep JL Wrangler was high on our to do list and in this episode of the JL JOURNAL, you'll get to see just how easy it is to install.

    BUY a TUFFY Deck here:

    TUFF Security Deck Enclosure Highlights
    • Made out of welded, 16-gauge steel and is covered with a durable textured powder coat finish.
    • Offers over 20,000 cubic inches of secure storage when the JL tailgate is closed and locked.
    • Does not rely on the wheel well to create an enclosed space adding an additional level of security.
    • The deck and rear panel can be opened up and propped up with ease and without the use of tools.
    • The rear panel can also be removed with ease and without the use of tools.

    NOTE: Tuffy makes 2 different Security Deck Enclosures for the JL Wrangler, a standard one and one for a JL equipped with the Alpine subwoofer. It is important for you to order the correct one for your JL.

    Additional Options You Might Want
    Diamond Plate Vinyl Mat
    Tie Down Rails

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    Whatever “he” wants? Did you just assume the thieves gender?

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    Nice install. Seems like a well designed product.
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    Looks to be super easy. Gonna have to get one for the JK

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    Looks great! I need one eventually

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    These are really nice and on my list of things to buy. Do you notice any degradation in sound quality covering the subwoofer up?

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    Cool. I have had one on my JK for years. It’s a great product

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    That’s a must have item.
    Nice video.
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    Ha ha, I just realized that the video was only 13 minutes long. Everything with the exception of the drive time for the needed bolts was done in pretty much real time. Your real time. In MY real time it would take me 13 minutes just to get the stuff unpacked. Point taken about the security though. It would be worth it to me even if it would take me well over the allotted time to install it. Thanks for sharing how easy it would be for even the mechanically declined (me) to do the install.

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    Deffenetly well designed and functional product.

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