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Thread: JL Flip Kits

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    JL Flip Kits

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if it is really needed on a 3.5" lift setup on a JL. I see a lot of threads recommending it.
    Those that have a 3.5 lift, did you flip the drag link and relocate the track bar?

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    Rear relocation bracket is a must. Without it, you’re drive shaft will hit your gas tank at a full flex. Front flip/track bar relocation would probably be nice but it’s far from “necessary”. BTW - I am running over 4” of lift.

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    I forgot about needing the back. You run 4", did you do the front relocate bracket and flip or just the rear relocate bracket?

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    Eddie - I can't keep up with all your JL changes. I thought you were at 2.5" lift. Who makes your 4" lift and what shocks are you using?

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