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Thread: Hinrichs 3.0......Autumn the XJ

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    Hinrichs 3.0......Autumn the XJ

    After kind of searching on and off for a few months now, never really being able to find what I wanted for a good price (wow people think rusted out TJ/YJ/XJ prices should be worth) I finally found one. I had a few good leads that would always end the same way. Send some messages, get really interested, then the person disappears. Then comes the XJ that I thought would have been sold in a day.

    I messaged the girl selling it, well it was actually a package deal for 2 ( I didnt want or need the parts one) and I went out on date night to go check it out. She wouldnt be there but her dad met me and was very nice explaining everything and showing it the best he could in the dark. Glad I brought along my headlamp. I was thinking oh this wont happen because she doesnt live at home anymore, the jeeps are at her parents house and the title was in her name. Planned on actually picking the jeep up tonight but got lucky and she called me yesterday saying she got done with work early and we could hit the notary before it closed. $600 later plus some transfer fees I was on my way home with the jeep on the trailer.

    Enough of the story, here is the new project......94 XJ 2 door 4.0L 5 speed. From what I can tell so far, it has a teraflex front leveling kit spacers, and thats about it. Not sure if anything was done to the rear. Looks like a homemade front winch bumper (its super thick and prolly heavier than a 1/4 pounder). No carpet since the floors were patched, and it has new rockers welded on. Her plan was to build it into a trail rig but she had 2 other jeeps/trucks that she wanted to finish first. It runs and drives, and is inspected till 10/19 so it cant be that bad right? Only main issues I can find so far

    1. Front diff is leaking from the pinion seal
    2. Wiring inside is a little cut up (dash lights are always on when connected properly, dome light etc)
    3. Dad said wheel bearings are going


    And the best sticker that I won’t be pulling off cuz it’s too funny....

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    Congratulations! It looks to be in really decent condition.

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    That is cool. Nice find.
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    cool. in for the pics and build (rebuild).

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    Nice! Looking forward to the project. 👍

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    Nice, great price looking forward to seeing what you do with it

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    Nice find Jim! And it even came with dual tree air fresheners! Now hurry and get that thing done for this Summer!!!

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    ill warm up my sawzall skills.....

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    Sweet! I can’t wait to see what you do with it.

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    Can’t wait for the build!

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