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Thread: WAYALIFE NYKOR 2019 : PreRun + A Few Highlight PICS

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    WAYALIFE NYKOR 2019 : PreRun + A Few Highlight PICS

    If there's one thing that Cindy and I have come to learn over the last two decades, there's only so much you can do when leading a group of 30 or more Jeeps on a trail run. With some effort, you can get photos of the run or you can film it but it's next to impossible to do both. Or at least, not very effectively. Needless to say, for the 2019 WAYALIFE New Year's Kick Off Run, we decided to focus our attention on filming it and because of it, we weren't able to get as many pics of the trips as we would have preferred and for that, we apologize. That being said, we were able to take a few here and even took some on our pre-runs and I thought they might be worth sharing here. I hope you enjoy.

    Even though we had just spent the better part of November covering SEMA and then attending the first annual JLX and of course, spending time with family for Thanksgiving, we still found time to wrap up the end of the month by going to the LA Auto Show to cover the reveal of the all new Jeep Gladiator. And, after we cranked out yet another video overnight, we then made our way out to Vegas to spend some time with Cindy's folks. Here's a shot of us taking a break out in the Mojave Desert and in the pouring rain.

    The following morning was beautiful and clear and so we decided to pull off the highway and check out the 7 Magic Mountains.

    The last time we were in the area, the all new Terrible's Road House was still under construction but being that it was finally open and now the "largest Chevron station in the world", you know we had to make a stop and check it out. Here we are at pump number 96!

    Time to hit the dirt! Being that Union Pacific runs a line that parallels I-15, getting on the other side of it to do some exploring is typically done through small tunnels like this.

    Ahhhh - just where we love to be most. Out in the middle of nowhere!

    For better or for worse, power lines have been and still are a part of the Mojave Desert and while they can be an eyesore, they do provide access that may not otherwise exist.

    Making a stop to explore some massive boulders up in the Eldorado Mountains.

    Coming up and over the mountains and with a million dollar view!

    Our beach front lunch stop for the day.

    After turning around and making our way back up the mountain, we made a stop to check out an old mining camp.

    Bunkbeds for 4 really close friends.

    Featuring the softest 19th century bedding material on the planet

    Jet trying to take a peek inside.

    Taking the path less traveled and a lot more fun.

    Even though the sun had pretty much set, there was still enough light out to get in a bit more play time.

    It's hard to believe that this was once a daily commute for people with mules and wagons.

    Jet standing on his hind legs to get a better look at what's up ahead.

    Of course, that just got him wanting to go further along to see what else he could see.

    Always good to stretch when doing some exercise.

    Jet letting us know that he thinks we're almost to the top.

    But wait... there appears to be a wall...

    Jet says "what wall?"

    Guess it'd be no surprise to most of you that we'd still be on the trail, well into the night.

    Ahhhh - civilization at last! CHEERS!

    BONUS ROUND - before heading back north for a short stint at home, Cindy and I decided to do a bit more exploring. Here are a few pics that we took of the fun we had.

    Imagine that, yet another tunnel only tighter than the last one.

    Tessa reminding us which way we need to go.

    Or should I say, trying to find a way to keep us out in the desert longer

    Of course, it is where we love being most.

    Getting to do a bit more stretching before hitting the highway again.

    Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and it was finally time for us to head back for home.

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    So, for those of you who joined us on the 2019 WAYALIFE New Year's Kick Off Run, you now know why we decided to take you where we did. If nothing else, it's a beautiful area with tons to see, fun rocks to play on and of course, we figured you'd have as much fun out there as we always do. Again, I apologize for not having more pics from the actual run but we hope that we'll make up for it with the video that we're making and will be coming to you soon. With that said, here are a few highlight pics that we were able to take. We hope you enjoy.

    Itchin to get out of the house and hook up with all our friends, Cindy and I decided to head out a day early and spend some time at our favorite home away from home.

    As luck would have it, our good friends Steph and Tony were able to join us as well - CHEERS!

    Because we'd be kicking off a new year of wheeling with a BANG, we just had to pose in front of the "World's Largest Firecracker"

    Down at the starting point of the NYKOR and with the gang starting to assemble outside.

    And what would a WAYALIFE run be without a little partying with good friends - CHEERS!

    DAY 1 - PRE-Run Day
    Gassing up the following morning at of course, the "World's Largest Chevron Station".

    Making the parking lot look like a Jeep dealership.

    Because of how much fun it was for us, we decided to make our first stop over at the 7 Magic Mountains. Of course, we would get their all on dirt.

    After wheeling our way across the desert, we arrived at the first of two canyons that we'd get to play in.

    It was awesome to see Dave rockin his stock 2-door Rubicon on the rocks.

    Headin out to more fun.

    Our lunch stop for the day.

    Climbing up to the top of the pass.

    On our way back to the hotel.

    DAY 2 - The OFFICIAL Kick Off Run
    Saturday was our official WAYALIFE New Year's Kick Off Run and here's a shot of everyone gathered out on a dry lake.

    Our first stop was to show everyone some amazing petroglyphs and pictograhps in a canyon near by.

    It was a bummer that it was so cold and cloudy out but here's a shot of everyone down by the river.

    On our way back up up the mountain, James found that he had a cracked radiator.

    Fortunately, I did have some water weld to patch it up but really, it needs a full 24 hours to be effective. Still, better than nothing.

    Fortunately, Ed had a Brute and was able to pull him out to pavement.

    Pressed for time, the last pic we were able to get on this day was in the canyon where we'd get to play on some rocks.

    As I had mentioned, be sure to check back soon to see the video we're making of this trip!

    A SUPER BIG THANKS needs to go to Steph for helping us plan this trip, locate places to eat and most importantly, figure out where we'd be sleeping each night. I'd also like to thank both her and Tony for going with Don and Lori to the ER after her fall. Thank you Vic for staying with James and helping him get back to town and replace his radiator. And last but not least, thank you Don for driving back to town with Jerry after he tossed a bearing cap on his front axle. All of you rock and Cindy and I really appreciate your willingness to help out.

    To Lori - here's hoping for a speedy recovery!


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    Cool Pics! Can't wait to see the Video! Thanks again for an awesome Weekend!

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    Looks like it was an awesome trip! Next year we will be a part of it hopefully!

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    Yes! Another video inbound! I enjoyed the photos you did get. I don’t know Lori, but hoping she has a quick recovery!
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    What a great trip this was. I love the shots you guys took prior to the run with just Jet. It really captures the vastness and the beautify that the desert holds. Looking forward to the video! Thanks for letting us be a part of it.

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    Thanks for sharing and all the planning. That really was a cool area. We had a great time, thanks for having us along! Looking fwd to the video

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    Awesome trip report and photos. That Chevron station is crazy.
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    I had a feeling it wasn't a dry run for you guys. Good choice and fun trails... Thanks to all who helped organize the weekend and get everyone through. 🍻

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    Awesome pictures and stories! What a great run

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