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Thread: BACK at the OFFICE : Our Post New Year's Kick Off Run Run

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    BACK at the OFFICE : Our Post New Year's Kick Off Run Run

    After spending 5 days on the road, out on the trail and of course, kicking off a new year of wheeling with all our good friends, Cindy and I had to say goodbye to everyone but then, promptly started on our next adventure. Or, what we like to call - going back to the office. Being that we needed to be back in the Vegas area later on in the week, we decided to head out to one of our favorite mining towns in the state and do some exploring along the way. Here are a few photos that highlight some of the things we got to see along the way. I hope you enjoy.

    Here we are, back at the office on a Monday morning and ready to start on a new and long project.

    After getting started on the project, it became clear that some overtime may be required to get it done.

    At times, the amount of work seemed endless.

    And there were so many details that required frequent stops and a closer examination of it all.

    Of course, we had to abide by strict government regulations that had severe consequences if we crossed them.

    If we can just get past that hill, maybe things will get better.

    Being so focused in what we were doing, there were definitely times where we began to get lost in our work.

    Now that's progress. Taking a moment to look back at how far we've come!

    Evaluating what we've done so far and making sure to walk away from deceptive ideas that might stick you in the end.

    Even when the road ahead looks smooth, there can still be cloudy skies up ahead.

    Or all around you.

    It's always tough when the vastness of a project can start to feel overwhelming.

    Funny how the last few hours in a work day can sometimes feel like an endless climb.

    A climb with tons of details that require you to read between the lines to get anything done.

    Trying to keep an eye on the shifting patterns in the market and to make sure we're heading in the right direction.

    And doing our best to stay on top of things.

    Yea - we did it! Taking a moment to look back at what we were able to accomplish.

    Home at last - or, at least for the night.

    Ahhh, nothing like a little elixir of life after a long hard day at work - CHEERS!

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    Awesome pictures as usual Eddie!

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    Great pics! I wish my view at the “office” looked like yours.

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    I'm in the wrong business. You guys hiring?

    Build Thread - Adventures of Fiona -
    Build Thread: The Adventures of Fiona
    '08 JKR Rescue Green 2-Door

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    What a cool trip...erm uh Job, yeah I mean Job. Looks super uh stressful. Better take a vacation.

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    I recall you talking about wanting to explore in that direction on the NY run. So did you find a away around area 51 or not?
    Those sand dunes were way cool.

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    Struggle is real
    Awesome job you have guys. Keep those pictures coming

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    Dunes are's been quite awhile since I've been in any...

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    How can you get any work done in those types of condition. At least you can bring your four legged friend to the office with you.

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    The pattern on the dunes is incredible. Perfectly manicured as if each grain of sand were placed individually by nature to create this flawless landscape.

    Great pics! You guys should really put in for a vacation! I'm starting to think you spend more time at the office than I do! 😂

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