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Thread: VIDEO : ROADSIDE REPAIR - How to FIX an Atlas Shift Lever Rattle

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    Great video Cindy and Eddie! Thank you for showing us. There really is no better peace of mind on the road or trail than being prepared and knowing how to fix something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocralr View Post
    Hi. Thanks for all the good info. Question. What size ammo cans are you using to carry your fluids. Thanks.
    Actually, what you see in the video are actually cans made for night vision goggles. They originally came with thick foam padding inside. What I love about them is that they're the perfect size for tall things like gear oil.

    Quote Originally Posted by TrailHunter View Post
    Now there's a problem I'd like to have. Cool Vid.
    You know, the JL is mighty fast too

    Quote Originally Posted by jdofmemi View Post
    That was a nice simple fix. I can see where most people would chase the wrong end looking the problem.

    How did you figure out what the real problem was?

    This also shows the value of never leaving without being prepared to work on most anything.
    I'm embarrassed to say that it took a while for me to figure it out. It ultimately took me reading through the tech notes that Atlas has to get an idea where to start looking.

    Quote Originally Posted by SeanK View Post
    Good to know it could be an easy fix. I don't think I've ever been over 75 MHP in our jeep LOL
    LOL!! I think that's most people. Fortunately, Moby is powerful and super stable.

    Quote Originally Posted by HighwayTrout View Post
    So funny. Was thinking the same thing.
    Maybe in our JL’s right?!

    Neat video Cindy and Eddie. Loved the “roadside” setting, cowboy and all.
    The cowboy visit was a nice treat for us for sure. We actually talked for quite a while and found that his horse was a rescue from a BLM round up. As far as speed goes, the JL with the all new 8-speed automatic will get you moving for sure. This is super nice in places like Nevada, Utah and Texas where we have 80 MPH highways and tractor trailers ready to roll you over if you aren't moving at that speed.

    Quote Originally Posted by jeeeep View Post
    Moby sounds great!

    easy enough fix, wondering if the same thing could be on the 3.8 JK?

    I've noticed a slight shake when letting off the gas pedal at higher fix has been to not go so fast lol

    definitely going to make the check since it's so simple, thanks!
    The rattling in the shift lever is an Atlas issue. Unless you've got one, I doubt it would be what you're experiencing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trail JK View Post
    You’re always amazingly prepared. Awesome job!
    Well, you know I try to be if only to help others out

    Quote Originally Posted by 98XJ06LJ View Post
    Great video! Do you think the guy on the horse stopped to offer you a ride to town?? 😂 You guys take " Go Prepared" to another level.
    LOL!! Now that would have been funny.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bear_JKU View Post
    Great video Cindy and Eddie! Thank you for showing us. There really is no better peace of mind on the road or trail than being prepared and knowing how to fix something.
    For better or for worse, a Jeep as old as Moby and one that's been punished as much as he's been, you kinda have to be prepared for the problems that come with it.

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    Nice video for a simple fix. Of course that's assuming you knew where to look. I do now.

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    that was easy...
    Just a 2.8 four banger diesel Jk Sahara with aev 2.5 dualsport xt lift and premium bumper and Cooper STT Pro in 33"......

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    I am always awe struck with the level of preparedness you and Cindy bring with you on the trails. It wouldn't surprise me if you had a slushie machine for a cool drink on hot days and a GP Medium military tent to cover Moby while you make repairs in the rain. Plus the mechanical knowledge you two possess.

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    Great Video!!! So did I win the shot glasses?

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    I hope one day I have an Atlas so I can try this fix. 😎

    Video needed more cowboy. 😂🤣

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    Build Thread: The Adventures of Fiona
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    I don’t have an Atlas and wouldn’t know an Atlas from a hole in the ground!
    2013 JKU Sport "Spider" with some EVO goodies and a chop here and there

    DIY trail/tube door build

    Overall "build thread"

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    The back end of Moby is better equipped than my garage, need more Moby videos.

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