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Thread: VIDEO : LONELY ROAD to Alamo - A Trek Across the Desert National Wildlife Refuge

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    Quote Originally Posted by drrags View Post
    Damn straight that's why we love Nevada - it's like the earth has its clothes off and you can see everything. I will never get tired of it. Thanks for the excellent video!
    Now that's a great way of putting it

    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmypaget View Post
    Never knew it was there! I’m definitely going to make this trip! Awesome video as always though!
    Be sure to stop over at the visitor center and check it out. It's really nice

    Quote Originally Posted by pop2tu View Post
    Nice video. It is truly amazing how wide open that part of the country is. Thank you for sharing
    With any luck, it'll stay like that until the day I die

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    Pretty neat area and cool video bringing us along.

    Every time you guys talk about lake beds all I think about is the whiskey trip before getting into middlegate when you said it felt like brownies and then Cindy got buried up to the frame. Lol

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    Awesome video. When you jokingly gave the name of the dry lake bed I paused the video to look it up thinking you were being legitimate 🤣.

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    Awesome, yet another trip to add to Laurie and I’s growing list. Great video as always! Thank you! House goes up for sale tomorrow, the clock keep ticking down!

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    Wonderful video. I miss these scenes that remind me why I own a Jeep. there is more to wheeling than just crawling an obstacle. Sometimes we need to explore for the sake of appreciating the wonderful world out there with family. Keep em coming. Hope to see you out there again.
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    very cool!

    When I was younger and had my CJ, friends and I would explore Nevada from the Utah side.

    We would get topo maps from the USGS, stock up on food and water, few jerrycans of fuel and go exploring.

    It was always cool to find abandoned buildings. There is a lot of history out there and OFF LIMITS signs too lol

    The desert can be a pretty awesome place

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    Another great video. Thanks for sharing your journey. Can hardly wait for the day when I'm home for good to really enjoy the way out places you two always seem to find. Keep em coming.

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    Thanks for taking us along. Some amazing view that’s for sure! Time to put winter away and bring on some heat- tired of the cold 🥃 Cheers guys!!

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    So cool. I never cease to be amazed by how expansive Nevada is and how much of it I still need to see.
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    That was nice, and a good way to wind down after an excitement filled day of wrenching and changing tires on the Jeep.

    I'm ready to get out into more of the desert in Nevada, Arizona, and even parts of Kalifornia

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