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Thread: VIDEO - JL JOURNAL : WORKING OUT the WOBBLE - Rancho Front Track Bar Installation

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    Great video from you and Cindy as always.
    How many miles were on the previous trackbar by chance and OVERALL on the JL now?
    See you soon (hopefully) in Moab.

    Quote Originally Posted by wayoflife View Post
    Like many of you out there with a Jeep JL Wrangler, built up or stock, we developed a bit of wobble in our steering. It's one that mainly occurred when it's cold out and when driving over uneven pavement or hitting something like a pot hole with just one tire. Now, I should point out that what we've been feeling is FAR from being the infamous "death wobble", the violent and uncontrollable shaking of the entire Jeep and to the point where you can only stop it by bringing your Jeep to a stop. However, I can totally see how someone new to Jeeps might confuse it as being death wobble especially being that it does feel like the beginnings of it. Because a loose bolt or worn out track bar bushing is typically the cause something like this, that's where we decided to start focusing our attention. In this episode of the JL JOURNAL, you'll get to see what the wobble we had looked like and how we were able to work most of it out, if not all of it, simply by installing a new Rancho rockGEAR adjustable front track bar. We hope you find the information in this video to be useful.

    I should note that we are by no means suggesting that the source of our steering wobble will be the same for everyone or that installing a Rancho adjustable front track bar will fix whatever you are feeling. This video was made simply to show what we had experienced, what we had tried and ultimately, what got things fixed for us.

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    Ha. This made me laugh (Nice call back to the JK Experience in Colorado where Mel said that 1000 times a day.

    Quote Originally Posted by TrailHunter View Post
    Props to Rancho.... for keeping it tight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 99GoldenSahara View Post
    Thanks for the video Eddie. I’m heading in your direction as mine wobbles when cold between 40-45 mph and it retains a very slight bit of wobble after hitting 50-55. Did the dry steer test and the TB is showing a bit of movement. Thanks for exposing and offering a fix for the rest of us.

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    Yes, the test showed movement at the bushing at the frame mount with both the OE and RC track bars. We did not see any on the Rancho. Not say this will for sure be the fix for everyone but it sure made a big difference for us.

    Quote Originally Posted by DogHouse View Post
    In the video you said the rear axle defaults to the driver’s side. Is it designed from the factory like that or did you purposely set it that way, if so why? I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to setting up suspensions so I’m genuinely curious.

    Either way another informative video.
    Quote Originally Posted by frenchjk View Post
    Hi Doghouse, he mentions it because of the arc the trackbar end (bolted to the axle bracket) travels when moved up or down. Drop the suspension in a hole and the track bar pulls the axle to the pass side, shove it up on a rock and it travels to the driver side. In neutral on a flat surface if you lift the vehicle it pulls the axle to the passenger side and opposite if you lower the vehicle axle. As a side note the front is the opposite.
    What frenchjk said. Flex always defaults to where there's the least resistance and with the front sway bar connected, our rear axle would flex enough to cause the drive shaft to still make slight contact with the gas tank. This of course isn't something that normally happens but can happen when coming across a washout on a long desert trail.

    Quote Originally Posted by Brute View Post
    You have to love it when the fix is fairly easy and on the first try...

    Do you think that contraction of the polymer of the bushings in colder weather is also a contributing factor? Any difference in polymer composition between the two track bars?
    So, both the OE and RC track bars use bonded rubber for bushings and they are pretty soft. The Rancho bushings use the D2 material and they're a lot denser - hence, why there isn't much if any side to side movement in them.

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    Great information, thanks for sharing!

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