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Thread: VIDEO : OP ED - Are 5.13 Gears Needed with 37 Inch Tires on a JL Wrangler... and MORE

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    VIDEO : OP ED - Are 5.13 Gears Needed with 37 Inch Tires on a JL Wrangler... and MORE

    I get a lot of people asking me a ton of questions on a regular basis and rather than let them get lost somewhere in cyberspace, Cindy and I decided to start answering them on our YouTube channel and in an all new series we're calling, OP ED. Essentially, we'll be creating videos where you'll get to hear exactly what I think and get my 2¢ on all sorts of topics regarding Jeeps and all based on the questions I've been getting. In this very first episode of OP ED, I'll be taking on the question of, "do I need to re-gear my JL Wrangler with 37" tires?" As an added BONUS, you'll even get to see something special, a kind of easter egg and totally unrelated to gears or tires, if you stick around to the very end. We hope you enjoy.

    If you enjoyed this video, Cindy and I would be grateful if you could please SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel!

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    VIDEO : OP ED - Are 5.13 Gears Needed with 37 Inch Tires on a JL Wrangler... and MORE

    This is sooo coool guys. Great gears explanation and off course can’t wait to see what EVO comes up with for this Gladiator
    Awesome Saturday video

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    Thanks for the insight on the gears, looking fwd to seeing how mine feels with 4.10 and 37s but good to know that it's not necessary to regear.

    Very cool at the end there, looking fwd to seeing more and seeing their build!

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    Cool new series. OP ED. I see what you did there.

    Look forward to seeing the JT on some dirt.

    I know you did the Dynatrac axle, but it’d be interesting to get some pros/cons to the Dana axles Mel is using on some of his lower budget builds. Maybe a JT review on future?
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    Good info...and can’t wait to see the JT out on the well as your opinion on 5.13 on Jet Li on the rocks as well...

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    Great video and it revealed to me that 4.10 on 35s will be more than adequate on a JL ... now back to bed to keep dreaming.

    Can't wait to see that JT build up (not to big on 40s).

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    Love the new series you guys have put together. You always do an outstanding job of giving back to the Jeep community with all your tips.

    We look forward to many more fantastic videos as your series progresses.

    Nice to see our friends Mel and Cindy Wade as well. They are a blast to hang out with and do a great job out racing and building excellent parts.
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    Good info. I like the new series. Can’t wait to see the JT.

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    Great video, I’m having a similar issue with my WJ. I plan on redoing my track bar and mounts here soon. Hopefully that will help, and tame the bump steer as well.

    Really looking forward to seeing the JT build.

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    Seems like the 8sp Auto really makes up for larger tires a fair bit.

    I just today saw a Gladiator in person at the auto show. It's going to look ridiculously good on 40s.

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