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Thread: JL JOURNAL : DYNOMAX DELETE - JL Wrangler Muffler Elimination Tail Pipe w/SOUND CLIPS

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    JL JOURNAL : DYNOMAX DELETE - JL Wrangler Muffler Elimination Tail Pipe w/SOUND CLIPS

    Call us crazy but Cindy and I really like the sound of the factory, Jeep JL Wrangler exhaust system. It sounds clean, throatty and without being too loud across the spectrum. In fact, we like it so much that we've been reluctant to remove our muffler in spite of the fact that it really is a HUGE rock target, one that we've hit plenty of times and one that will cause you to break the aluminum exhaust hangers. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the experience we've acquired on our JK Wranglers over the last 12+ years has taught us, there are definitely drawbacks to removing the OE muffler an/or running an aftermarket exhaust system. The biggest of which isn't so much an issue with sound quality but rather, how it can drone at highway speeds. If you do a lot of long highway driving like we do to get to trails across America and back again, an exhaust drone can really wear you down. Needless to say, when we installed our new Dynomax Muffler Elimination Pipe, we did so with reservations and only because we knew that we could always return things back to stock. And, after running it for a couple of months and racking up a few thousand miles on it including drives out to places like Moab and back, I'm happy to say that we're glad we did it.

    In this episode of the JL JOURNAL, you get to see just how easy it is to ditch your massive muffler and install a Dynomax Delete tailpipe and all for about $90. We also made sure to include some sound clips, in various situations and we hope you'll find them to be helpful.

    BUY a Dynomax Muffler Elimination Pipe

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    The Jeep JL® Muffler Elimination Pipe makes quick and easy work of removing your vehicle’s muffler. This muffler elimination pipe is easy to install, and delivers a deep performance tone. It is manufactured with mandrel bent, Stainless Steel pipe that will last for years to come. The Jeep JL Muffler Elimination Pipe is engineered to provide optimal ground clearance along with an improvement in horsepower & torque. This kit is designed to function with aftermarket suspension systems and frame/body protection accessories.

    • Straight through design ensures unrestricted exhaust flow and reduces back pressure
    • 2.5-in. Mandrel bent Stainless Steel tubing for lifelong protection
    • Engineered for high ground clearance
    • Provides increased sound and tone.

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    The 3.6 with the right exhaust sounds really good. The 3.6 with the wrong exhaust sounds like the end result of a night of whisky and Taco Bell.

    As usual, great video

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    “Nothing a little lubricant can’t fix”. Lol thats what she said. But seriously that did free up alot of space. Hopefully this takes care of the hanger breakage.

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    Easy enough install and pretty good sound too.

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    Going to watch this video later, but no joke, Alex asked me like 30 minutes ago if I could make the jeep exhaust a bit louder! Lol

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    Looks and sounds good! Did you paint black or add something new to the lower rear body panels for protection?

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    I like the sound. Did it pick up any mpg?

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    I’m surprised. It seems to sound a lot like a Quiet Crawler on a JK.

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    Wow don't even need and exhaust system that sounds pretty decent.
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    Great video as usual! The sound didn’t seem to change enough to cause to much of a headache. Was that last clip a bit of a teaser of trails to come?

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