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Thread: VIDEO : THE BIG DAY - Gathering of the WAYALIFE Family for a Very Special Occasion

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    Congrats on this. It's kind of crazy when you think how you got here. In 2010, I had just been bitten by the jeep bug. I was trying to figure out which jeep model to buy and discovered a Wayalife video. As most the YouTube channel led me here. Never would have though watching videos would have led me making such great friends and having experiences of a life time. Thanks for such great content, the story telling you both do and even being a part of a few of those stories. As for my YouTube name, I have no idea what it is...haha. I use my Google account so it's probably Jesse M.

    Quote Originally Posted by boardsurfer View Post
    I was so ready for the Gladiator to roll out there! This is really cool too! Congratulations!!

    yt is Jakob Baker.
    I was thinking the same...haha.

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    Pretty Awesome Accomplishment for a “Hey see that Camera, Hold my Beer” moment. It’s the reason I’m here... and wish I found the channel 10 years ago instead of 3.

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    Awesome video!! I’ve been subbed for years now. Ryan’s Jeep Garage.

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    Congratulations Eddie and Cindy. You do it all.. Amazing adventures and great informational.

    It's where I found Wayalife...
    Thank you

    I'm on Youtube as Donald Quick

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    This video is the perfect example of why you reached this milestone ... Congrats to you both and thanks for inspiring us!!

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    Congrats! Wow, over 100k of subscribers. What a great accomplishment.

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    Awesome, congratulations. I enjoy
    the videos and always learn a little something.

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    Wow! 100k... and counting. And what a collection. So much history there. Each one has its own personality and it’s own story to tell.
    I go by FifthElementDynamics (old training company name)
    I can think back to the very day I found you guys.
    I had just bought a 2002 WJ. It was in 2011 and I was sick of running the same old trails in Moab. So I googled “best Moab Jeep trail” and the first one to pop up was the Pilgrimage to the promised land” series. I’ve been watching ever since although, embarrassingly I can’t tell exactly when I subscribed to the channel 🥴

    But since then it’s been really inspiring to see you guys do what you do and, although they are your adventures, it’s easy to see that you want all of us to have as close to the same experience as you guys are having in real time.
    It’s not a group, or a club or a channel or a forum. It’s a family. And I’m so thankful to be a part of it.

    Here’s to another 100k.

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    That is pretty cool

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    Congratulations, beautiful collection, and let me know where to send my adoption forms

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