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I may be wrong but are both of you talking about a remote reservoir shock?

Ben, you’re describing a remote res shock. Although having more fluid does keep it cooler and in return reduces shock fade because of more fluid the primary reason for having a res is to have two separate chambers for air and oil. When the shock is compressed and the shaft enters the cylinder the oil that is in the cylinder needs to be displaced since the oil does not compress, the oil from the shock moves to the res and the air in the res compresses. vs an emulsion shock that has air and oil mixed together in the cylinder.

A bypass shock does have a reservoir for the same reason but it also has bypass tubes that allow oil to flow through the bypass tube, bypassing the piston (and shims) in the shock allowing you to tune the compression and rebound rate throughout the stroke of the shock depending on how many tubes and the orientation of the tube.
Ah yes yes, I was referring to remote reservoirs, not bypass. I assume that's what jags meant and got the 2 confused. Thanks for the correction!!

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