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Thread: JL JOURNAL : EVO JL Long Arm Suspension Installation - S#!T JUST GOT REAL / PART 1

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    Well, in any case, you two’s videos are inspiring to a lot of us. They are what motivated me years ago to go out and explore, and they are what motivated me to buy another Jeep. There’s a lot I don’t know but you’ve made a good place here for folks like me to learn. For what it’s worth, thank you!

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    Great Video as always Jet is going to be badass when this project is complete
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    Finally got a chance to watch this. Makes me wonder how I installed my lift on the garage floor with jackstands, a cutoff wheel and a grinder. That was a much easier way to remove the gas tank than trying to balance it on two floor jacks...haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abntroop View Post
    It’s all good just keep an eye out while you are editing for a holler if I finally get myself stuck had one close call today off chamber sliding in sand. Had to air down further than I cared to without beadlocks and thank god for lockers. Would’ve been easier with a set of maxtrax. Makes for an interesting “well shit, how’m I gonna do this” when you don’t have the luxury of being surrounded by all the trees you could want to winch off of. Had this hovering in the back of my mind Attachment 329255

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    Not to hi jack the awesome coil over thread, but before I dug a hole big enough to bury a spare tire so it would stay put enough to pull out a stuck Jeep, I would use my hammer to pound the jack frame into the ground and use it as an anchor. Take the base off first, and the eye, they will both break.

    It works, I have done it several times.

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