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Thread: VIDEO : SPACING OUT - How to Install Spidertrax Wheel Spacers

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    Great video. These for getting Jet Li's 13 1/2 shoes back on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cozdude View Post
    Great video! Just this morning I watched a YouTuber mount wheel spacer WRONG on his Silverado. He didnt get them thick enough and had to “shave down” the stock studs to fit. I actually posted your video in his comments section lol
    Too funny. Gotta watch out for them wheel studs.

    Quote Originally Posted by longarmwj View Post
    I like how they match the blue on the coilovers. Color matching is important for additional points on your CTI score.
    LOL - but of course

    Quote Originally Posted by rmccown View Post
    Great video. These for getting Jet Li's 13 1/2 shoes back on?
    Actually, we were still seeing some rubbing up front at a full stuff and a full turn. The spacers fixed that and from the look of things, would allow 13.50's too.

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