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Thread: 2004 Custom Rubicon LS2 For Sale

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    2004 Custom Rubicon LS2 For Sale

    2004 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

    With a heavy heart I am selling my beloved Rubi. She has been a labor of love for many years and a ton of money invested in her. This is a very special custom Jeep that is the best of everything. She has a LS 6.0L (LY6) and 6 speed auto transmission (6L80E) professionally installed by Motech in Las Vegas. Look up Motech, they are the country’s premier LS conversion builder for Jeeps and do only LS conversions. Attention to detail is beyond the top with these guys. This is the only Jeep TJ out there with the factory GM fluid filled motor mounts. In fact it is my understanding that he has only done one TJ conversion and not another since. So this is a one of one. He does mostly JK and JL now. One example is others use solid mounts that rattle the Jeep to crap. Not here, this Jeep is smooth running and stout. Motech installed Fluid hydraulic motor mounts that come factory in the GM vehicles. This was an alpha build at Motech and took over a year and half to complete. The engine and transmission was almost $30K itself to install. The motor looks stock in appearance which is the way Motech builds them. He doesn’t like aftermarket add-ons because they are not reliable. This Jeep can be driven coast to coast without any issues. It has never left me stranded and doesn’t see mud ever. It can but I choose to keep it clean and enjoy it on the streets and at shows. The factory dash works perfectly like it did with the original 6 cyl in it. The cruise works like stock as does the A/C. The back seat isa perfect for kids and has the safety of seat harness and the added protection of the roll cage. I am all about safety for this Jeep and thois one has it all. The OBD2 works for the Jeep and the GM engine/trans so tuning is easily done if you choose to or add power adders. Really this Jeep does not need more power. It sounds amazing. No one knows it’s a 6.0 until you turn the key. Full custom Stainless steel exhaust that sounds amazing with Magnaflow Stainless Steel everything. Everything works perfectly. There is so much to list and well over $80,000 invested. This Jeep is a deal at $45,000 firm. I am a private seller and will only entertain serious interest. Please don’t waste my or your time if you are not 100% capable of purchasing this Jeep. Sale must be cash or approved/cleared payment means. I will not release this Jeep until funds are securely in hand. You can’t build one for less. Not even close. Here are some more specs on this Jeep.

    Engine: LS2 6.0L (LY6) from a wrecked GMC 2500 with low miles. This is the truck LS which has more torque lower in the RPM range and more suited to the Jeep then the LS from the Corvette. Aluminum radiator with factory GM electric fans keep this motor cool on the trail or on the road. I have used this Jeep in parades and it never overheats.

    Transmission: 6L80E 6 speed auto from a Denali that was totaled with low miles. With its super low gears you have unlimited torque in the lower gears and the ability to cruise the interstates at over 70 MPH at around 2200 RPM in 6th gear. Smooth shifting and stout. Transmission cooler is installed in front.

    Transfer case: Atlas 2 speed. 4:1 low gear. Custom Dennys drive shafts front and rear. This is a bullet proof all aluminum and gear driven transfer case.

    Axles: Dana 44 front and rear with air lockers and all new components, seals, bearings and fully trussed front and rear axle housings. Gears are 5.13:1

    Body: Painted Jeep Orange Crush a couple years ago. Hard top was sanded smooth and painted same to match body. Zenon fenders, steel custom bumpers front and rear, Steel side skid plates, and spider custom hood. I have hard top (sanded smooth and painted like body), new black twill soft top from Bestop, and bikini top from Rampage. LED front headlights, rear LED tail lights, and LED off road lights out front. I have sport doors, full door hangers, and so much more. There is a Superwench 9000 with Viking blue synthetic cable.

    Interior: Corbeau A4 seats with 5 point racing harness and factory seat belts for in and out use. Back seat is Corbeau Baha custom too with racing harness. This seat is form fitting so two kids can sit in safety and away from the side of the Jeep. Full bolt in roll cage which looks awesome and is powder coated. This cage is strong and designed to protect everyone inside especially back seat occupants. New carpet with mastic backing, Jeep tub is totally sound insulated, audio is Alpine, with top of the line amps, new speakers and etc. Shifter is B&M. All steel custom console, overhead DVD player for back seat occupants. Autometer front and rear axle temp gauges, custom train air horns. A/C works like factory as does the cruise control. The dash and gauges are the factory Jeep units and work perfectly. Motech does amazing work with to maintain the factory operation and control of the Jeep. There are custom pieces everywhere.

    Wheels & Tires: New 37” Cooper mud tires on Walker Evans Street Bead Locks. Full size spare tire on matching wheels.

    Suspension: Rubicon Express extreme long arm system, PSC hydraulic steering assist. Brakes and rotors are new. Aftermarket anti sway bar keep the Jeep under control and is adjustable. Shocks are mono tube Rubicon Express on all corners.

    There is so much that I am leaving out. This is must see Jeep to appreciate.

    I am selling only because I feel it’s time to move on to other projects. I have built, own and maintain a number of special project vehicles and although this one is very special to me, I feel like it’s time for someone else to enjoy it. I will however not give it away. I will be fair and honest and expect the same in return. I am willing to discuss the price but please don't low ball me as I will not be disrespected. I don't have to sell it other then I don't use it as much and it needs to be enjoyed more.

    If you have any questions about the Jeep and would like more info please do not hesitate to contact me. Again, I am respectfully asking that only serious buyers contact me. Again, I will only entertain serious buyers only. Message me and I will give you my contact info so we can talk. Please don't waste your time and mine if you are not really interested and/or don't have the funds ready in hand to do business. I will assist in shipping but you will be responsible for shipping cost. I will gather all the parts and get the Jeep ready for shipping. On a side note, I have a full custom enclosed 20' V-nose trailer that the Jeep will fit in along with all the extras for an extra $5,000 if you want a package deal. Thank you for taking the time to review my one of a kind Jeep Rubicon.IMG_3059.jpgIMG_5458.jpgIMG_5456.jpgIMG_5451.jpgIMG_5444.jpgIMG_3061.jpg

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    Welcome to Wayalife! I see you’re here just to unload your shit.

    On a serious note, do you take trades? If so I have a gallon of milk (still in date) with a half eaten Jimmy Johns sub I can offer.

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    Everyone is aware that tomorrow is a full moon, right?

    Edit: Nice parade Jeep.
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    I know a guy with slightly used anal beads he’ll trade you (third owner, they just become more polished with use).

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    Quote Originally Posted by aviator View Post
    Please don’t waste my or your time
    ^ This is the thesis of your ad. You'll understand soon.

    Welcome back from 2013 by the way. It's been a great last 6 years here
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    2013, with one post and a lot of blah blah blah. Welcome to Wayalife.

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    Jeep wave from Missouri!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RCVRY View Post
    I know a guy with slightly used anal beads he’ll trade you (third owner, they just become more polished with use).

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    Technically they’re still on the second owner, haven’t shipped them out yet.

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    Since your heart is heavy and weighing you down you can suck my balls while you’re down there.

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    2004 Custom Rubicon LS2 For Sale

    Welcome to WAYALIFE. I feel I must preface this next statement with the following statesmen:
    I live in Utah and I’m NOT religious so I really look forward to posts like this written by people like you because it gives me an outlet, a chance to express my frustration a bit.

    Okay now that the disclaimer is out of the way, as mentioned above there is still a full set of anal beads available for trade, but something tells me they might be a little “amateur” for you. So instead, I’ll trade you a section of garden hose and a length of barbed wire and instructions on how to insert them up your ass in the correct order.
    Have a nice day.

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