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Thread: Wayalife Stinger

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coop View Post
    This is what Iím talking about. Difficult, no. Is this going to hurt? Yep.Attachment 330876

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    Thatís so awesome! Have a blast out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Braxtonsag View Post
    Is fins really that sketchy? I was under the impression itís a cake walk compared to hellís revenge and hellís revenge wasnít even bad
    Hells Revenge main trail is pretty easy. Itís some of optional stuff, escalator, Hellís gate, etc. that challenge.
    They are more of a body damage or death risk. Lol.
    Traction is unbelievable. We are use to wet and muddy rocks in the southern states. I havenít used my front locker but once and the rear maybe 6 times.
    Today may be different.

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    I think this is going to be one of my first mods for Remi. It just seems like cheap insurance.

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    Mine definitely saved my ass a few times.


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    Wow Iím an idiot. I was thinking a traditional stinger and completely forgot about the hitch stinger. You had me worried when you were talking about utilizing the stinger on fins and I was over here wondering how you were managing to nearly flip lol

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