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Thread: VIDEO - BUST / Part 1 : The California Emigrant Trail / This is Where it All Begins

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    Really enjoyed the video and looking forward to the next! Such a great country we live in! Thanks for taking us along on your adventure!

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    Really awesome I love history.

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    VIDEO - BUST / Part 1 : The California Emigrant Trail / This is Where it All Begins

    Speaking of elephants... can we address the elephant in the room... Moby with full doors, black ATX wheels and Nittos? Great to see Moby in his younger days. Seriously though, simply amazing. Always wanted to make a trip out to the Midwest. Had no idea there was so much to see. Can’t wait for parts 2,3&4.
    My guess, part 2 will be 18:43
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    Another awesome video. It was really nice to know how the common folks back in the days made the trip out west. Today its just another airline flight. Guessing part two will be 14:37 long.

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    As always...worth the wait.....guessing episode two at 18:50

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    What a great History lesson. Thanks for taking the time to create the great content! Lets see if I can get lucky again...
    Part 2 18:54

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    What an awesome trip! Looking forward to the journey.

    I'm still sticking to 48 minutes for part 2.

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    California Trail

    Pretty neat video. You have my interest. We’re on a cross country motorcycle trip from Michigan to the Pacific coast, then to a motorcycle rally in Medford, Oregon, before heading home. Yes we are actually riding our Honda Gold Wings, not trailering them cross country to ride when we get there. It’s been a great trip. We’ve been following the Oregon Trail Auto Route since south central Nebraska. We’ve made several stops at sites and historic places to retrace as much of the route as possible. It’s been a lot of fun.

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    Thank you Eddie and Cindy for your extensive planning that made this trip possible. Lori and I deeply appreciate everything you guys did to make this trip truly an adventure of a lifetime. I will always look back at this journey as one of the greatest times in my life. To do it with such a great group of friends was priceless.❤️

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    Another great history lesson you two are giving us. Thank you so much. The older I get, the more history seems to intrigue me. I think The next episode should be 18:21

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