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Thread: BUST - Part 2 : The California Emigrant Trail / The Great Platte River Road

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    BUST - Part 2 : The California Emigrant Trail / The Great Platte River Road

    Continuing our epic overland trek to the west, we crossed into the state of Nebraska and began following a shallow but wide river that stretched across from the Missouri River to the uplands of central Wyoming. For emigrants, it was a natural east to west corridor across the plains and one that provided a much needed source of water. This stretch of the California Emigrant Trail became known as, the Great Platte River Road and in Episode 2 of BUST, you'll get to see us move further away from civilization and visit historic locations such as the Hollenberg Pony Express Station, Rock Creek Station, Fort Kearney and take a tour of the Great Platte River Road Archway Monument. You'll also get to see us visit deep wagon swales at The Sand Hill Ruts and Windlass Hill and see geologic wonders that emigrants used as landmarks to guide their way such as Courthouse and Jail Rocks, Chimney Rock and Scotts Bluff. To wrap things up, you'll get to see us cross into the state of Wyoming, make a stop at Fort Laramie, read the names carved into the face of Register Cliff and finally, stare in awe at the Ayres Natural Bridge. We hope you enjoy.

    If you like what you see, want to see more and haven't done so already, please SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel by clicking the link below:

    It's hard to imagine but, up until the 1830's, there were only a handful of people in America who had successfully traveled to California and across what was then only known as, the Great American Desert. Most of these people were trappers, traders and missionaries and it wouldn't be until the 1840's that a more defined route was established by early settlers and given the name, The California Trail. Thanks to the discovery of Gold in 1848, there would ultimately be tens of thousands of people who would make the arduous four month journey, one that started along the banks of the Missouri River and ultimately ended in the goldfields of California. Along the way, they would cover over 2,000 miles, cross deep rivers, tall mountains and an unforgiving desert and all at a time when there were no roads, no stores, no hospitals, no laws and no second chances.

    For years, Cindy and I had been wondering if it was possible to retrace the California Trail from beginning to end, as closely as possible to the original route and as much as possible, all on dirt. Along the way, we would make stops at historical sites, see deep ruts carved into the hillsides from the thousands of wagons that passed through before us and follow geological landmarks that early pioneers used to guide their way. After two years of extensive research, careful planning and plotting a viable route, we finally set off to make that trek, in our Jeep Wrangler and this video series chronicles our journey.

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    UPDATE: And the person who came the closest in guessing the time of Episode 3 is...

    Quote Originally Posted by Ski View Post
    I have really enjoyed watching both videos of your journey, especially the history. Can't wait to see Episode 3. My guess is it will be 19:19 long.
    Congratulations Ski!!

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    Loved it! Keep them coming!

    Did the jail have 8 slots on the windows and doors, like the 8th slot here?

    I’ll guess 22:01 for part 3.
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    So much history. Really cool video!

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    Another entertaining instalment! Thanks for taking us along for the ride. Guessing 21:30 for episode 3

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    What a great video guys! Very cool road trip! This land was made for you and me, and my Jeep, burning fossil fuels!


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    Great editing! Great video!

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    I remember seeing a short teaser from you guys a few years ago about this trip. And I wondered what had happened to the footage or if the trip just never came to be but now, I can say that this is coming out at exactly the perfect time. Totally needed this. Can’t wait for a part 3 that I’m guessing will come in right at 23:04

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    Just watched part 1 and 2. What an adventure! Love the history.

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    BUST - Part 2 : The California Emigrant Trail / The Great Platte River Road

    Can only imagine what those people went through to make that Journey. But when you think about it... they couldn't have done it with out Big Wheels & Strong Axles... Great Video!

    Part 3 - 27:10
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    Amazing history and video!!! I’d love to do a trip like this sometime

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