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Thread: BUST - Part 4 : The California Emigrant Trail / I Have Seen the Elephant

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    BUST - Part 4 : The California Emigrant Trail / I Have Seen the Elephant

    The 4th and final episode of our epic overland journey across the California Emigrant Trail begins in the state of Idaho and over at the National Oregon/California Trail Center. It would be here that we'd get to time travel back to the mid 1800's and experience what it was like to be an emigrant pulling into Clover Creek or what is now known today as, Montpelier. From there, we made our way over to Soda Springs and marveled at the geysers and took a draw from the naturally carbonated waters gushing from its many springs. After making a stop over at Register rock, we worked our way to the City of Rocks and setup camp for the night. The follow day, we made our way briefly into Utah, crossed into Nevada and worked our way out to places like Stony Point, Iron point before and even made a stop at a Transcontinental Airway Beacon before our trek to the west came to an end.

    A very special thanks to our good friends Tony, Stephanie, Tina, Carl, Toni, Et, Joe, Don, Lori, Ray, Kevin, Tom, Susan, Ken and Doug for joining us on this epic adventure! We love you guys

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    It's hard to imagine but, up until the 1830's, there were only a handful of people in America who had successfully traveled to California and across what was then only known as, the Great American Desert. Most of these people were trappers, traders and missionaries and it wouldn't be until the 1840's that a more defined route was established by early settlers and given the name, The California Trail. Thanks to the discovery of Gold in 1848, there would ultimately be tens of thousands of people who would make the arduous four month journey, one that started along the banks of the Missouri River and ultimately ended in the goldfields of California. Along the way, they would cover over 2,000 miles, cross deep rivers, tall mountains and an unforgiving desert and all at a time when there were no roads, no stores, no hospitals, no laws and no second chances.

    For years, Cindy and I had been wondering if it was possible to retrace the California Trail from beginning to end, as closely as possible to the original route and as much as possible, all on dirt. Along the way, we would make stops at historical sites, see deep ruts carved into the hillsides from the thousands of wagons that passed through before us and follow geological landmarks that early pioneers used to guide their way. After two years of extensive research, careful planning and plotting a viable route, we finally set off to make that trek, in our Jeep Wrangler and this video series chronicles our journey.

    If you didn't WIN a pair of WAYALIFE Shot Glasses throughout this series, you've got one more chance coming your way and as an added bonus, you can even with a WAYALIFE cap! All you have to do is post on up on this thread and let us know what you thought of the series. That's it! A WINNER will be selected at random. Good luck to you!


    UPDATE: Selected totally at random, the WINNER of the WAYALIFE swag is...

    Quote Originally Posted by robx251 View Post
    I loved the series, makes me miss my family trips across country when I was growing up. It reinvigorates my drive to do a vacation overlanding with my wife.
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    Congratulations robx251!

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    That was awesome. Great job putting that together. I loved the gun shop owner explaining the stats and wages. Really puts things in perspective. Hard to believe that the last wagon went through not that long ago. Look where we're at in merely 100 years (better or worse?) . So what happened to the Jeep at the end? Rollover? Was driver OK?
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    Well thought out

    Loved watching the series! It's especially really cool how you planned it out. The whole family sat down to watch these videos and learn a thing or two!

    You did leave us hanging on the jeep incident near the end of the video!

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    Another great addition, definitely some cool stops along the way. I remember you telling me about this roll over and how the rock hard cage probably saved him. Crazy to actually see it. Did you guys decide to call it a trip after the accident? Overall, great series. Thank you for sharing, really gives me the itch to get back out with you guys!

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    What an excellent but troubling end to an amazing series. Looking forward to exploring this trail or, at least sections of it at some point. Thanks for a month long adventure. Trip of a lifetime.

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    that was awesome!

    the history clips were great... to think all that was crossed in wagons or walking... wow

    people were tough but also sheds light on why they didn't live very long.

    who got in the accident? was it someone in the group?

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    I’ll echo everyone else and I’m guessing you’ll let us know, the roll over. Hate to see it ever, but at the end of this epic trip?

    I absolutely loved the series. I plan to sit down on a day off, with an adult beverage or 6 and watch them all back to back again. Thanks to all of you who went and for sharing this with us!
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    BUST - Part 4 : The California Emigrant Trail / I Have Seen the Elephant

    On the big screen

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    Ok just finished watching the video it was awesome. Hope all is well with the individual that rolled his Jeep. Eddie I noticed you weren’t running your coopers? Or did I miss something.
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    Great series, hope your friend is alright.

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    Man, knowing how this was going to end made it a little hard to watch. For being the final episode, still a bit of a cliffhanger. Ken ended up being ok, and I’m glad I got to talk with him and wheel with him later on.
    I think I may consider lifting my Jeep. Or not.
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