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Thread: Building Aurora - My 2017 JKU Winter Edition Build

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    Building Aurora - My 2017 JKU Winter Edition Build

    I bought my Jeep last fall - 2018. She was brand new, had 57 miles on her. I have 0 buyer’s remorse. She is a daily driver and I have every intention of running trails with her. I hit Redbird SRA the day after it opened this year and it was a blast! I've been trying to educate myself before making one of these posts. I feel a little less lost now.

    Mods to date:
    * Winch Plate
    * Smittybilt X20 12k lb winch with synthetic rope (should have bought Warn but this will do for now)
    * Recovery gear
    * Seat covers, Door Entry Guards, cowl corner plates, rain cover for when top is off – Need to keep her looking pretty.

    As far as the big Mods. It's taken me awhile but I’m learning and narrowing down what I want to do with her in the first 5 years. I don’t plan on making any major modifications until she is paid off and I’ve got some miles on her (need to make sure there aren't any warranty issues). I’m assuming these mods will void all the warranties… Not that I have confidence in Chrysler’s willingness to fulfill their warranties regardless… I’ll be saving/purchasing these items over the next couple years and install around her 5th bday. It'll suck looking at all these boxes in the corner but I think it's the smart move.

    This is subject to change, and I’m open to other recommendations and all feedback! I’m happy to admit my ignorance with all of this, but I’m trying to learn.

    * Alpine X209-WRA-OR – I like my music, but this is a decision borne out of utility. Offers a nice HUD for offroading data. Also the ability to control up to 8 electronic devices through the head unit is nice. This will go in when I get it.
    * PSC Big Bore XD upgrade
    * ARB air compressor. Not sure if I’ll do the high output or twin.
    * Evo Pro LCG CO lift kit
    * D60 front and FF D60 rear axles (Right now I’m looking at Dynatrac, Curie, and Fusion. Am open to any US manufacturer). Also considering getting salvage F250s and building my own, but I think I’d prefer to buy. 4.88 gears. What are the upgrades I need for a great axle? I think I remember seeing a post about pro-comp knuckles on the front axle maybe?
    * E-lockers Front and Rear. I’m not dead set on these though, anyone have cons/pros for elockers vs air lockers?
    * Beadlock rims and 37” tires (not sure, maybe BFG KM2s, Cooper SST Pros, Nitto Ridge or Trail Grapplers) – This is one area I haven’t done a lot of research. I like more rubber and less rim. Matte black finish.
    * Body and under armor. I haven’t looked into this too much but I like Evo’s products.
    * I think I’ll be needing new shafts for this build still an unknown.

    Am I missing any major components to make this build work? Any quality of life or longevity upgrades I need to consider?

    I think my 10 year plan will include long arms, 40” tires, and a maybe a V8. But I’ll be pretty damn happy with the above build when complete. We’ll see what the future holds from there. Here's a pic of Aurora from last fall soon after I bought her. The garage addition is my current project, should be done by Dec.
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