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Thread: ROOF TOP TENT : What Should We Get?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rancho View Post
    We just got done with a Jeep Jamboree and one of our Jeeps has this.
    The Tepui, my boss really likes it.
    Another in our group stayed in a hard shell. After a solid night of rain ( I was on ground in a tent I have had for 20+ years LOL) when we went to shut it, the water on top of the hard shell DRENCHED the owner. Just a heads up on that.
    But as others have said, the hard shell set up fast.
    great look on that truck

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    My wife and I had the Tepui Kukenam Ruggedized and absolutely loved it. They are extremely tough and look great. I've also found they tend to appear to have a lower profile when closed which I really liked. We used it during some pretty heavy rainfall and it did great. They come with an anti-condensation mat and diamond plate floor. I'll be getting one again soon when I decide whether I'm going to keep the JK or upgrade to a JLU or Gladiator.

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