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Thread: VIDEO : GOLD DUST Part 1 - NITTO JKX / Bronco Canyon Shakedown Run

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    Awesome video! Great way to start the day. Thanks for taking us on that trip!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wayoflife View Post
    Well, we're glad to hear it being that we're never sure if people won't just find our videos to be boring.
    Lol, has anyone ever actually said your videos are boring?

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    And the person who came the closest to getting the time of Part 2 is...

    Quote Originally Posted by jeeeep View Post
    I started watching this at a client's office while waiting for some items and it didn't take long that I had it up on the 75" big screen with everyone watching! lol

    No one in the office is a Jeeper but everyone was amazed and impressed that a Jeep could do all that

    Watching Moby, hearing that V8 grumble and you getting the over-heating issues sorted out really has me thinking now is the time for an LS swap on my JK...back down to 30% might sell it

    Thanks for sharing!

    Part 2.... 43:25
    Congratulations jeeeep!!

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    Congrats Jeeeep!..... new 40 minute video posted in 5....4.....3....2.....1

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    Congrats Jeeep! I’m so glad Part 2 is much longer than I guessed. Can’t wait to watch it!

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    Overall "build thread"

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    Need some 2 door love in there!!!

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    Finally getting caught up. Awesome video as always! Thanks for taking us along!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wayoflife View Post
    It'd been a few years since Cindy and I attended a Nitto JK-Experience but being that there were rumors going around that this might be the last one, we decided it was something we had to be a part of. Presented by KMC Wheels, this adventure would be called Gold Dust and while it could have taken place anywhere around the United States, we were lucky enough for it to start right in our home town of Carson City, Nevada. This first in a series of videos to come will introduce you to the participants, show you the shake down run we did on a local trail called Bronco Canyon and let you in on some the wrenching we did over at Camp WAYALIFE. We hope you enjoy seeing Moby back in action again as well as all the other Jeep JK Wranglers that joined in on the fun including, PSC Motorsports, Synergy, Exodus Jeeps, Smokin Dave's BBQ and Casey Currie.

    This video was independently filmed, edited and produced by Cindy and Eddie Oh of WAYALIFE. The opinions and actions of the individuals featured are in no way affiliated with or attributable to Nitto Tire, KMC Wheels, Off Road Evolution or any of the JK-Experience sponsors.

    If you enjoyed this video, Cindy and I would be grateful if you could please SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel!

    WIN a Pair of NEW WAYALIFE Shot Glasses!!
    If you'd like a chance at WINNING a pair of WAYALIFE Shot Glasses, all you have to do take a guess as to how long Part 2 will be and post up your answer here. The person who gets the closest will WIN. Good luck to you!

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    UPDATE: And the person who came the closest to getting the time of Part 2 is...

    Congratulations jeeeep!!

    Getting caught up on all my Wayalife and bonus!

    Thank you for keeping us entertained and Jeep motivated

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