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Thread: New WARN EVO VR series winch

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    Yup, this might be the Winch for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fiend View Post
    It’s all about the packaging. If they could put a winch in yoga pants, they’d do so.

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    Yoga pants all the things!

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    I read a review of these that went into some detail.
    To sum it up, they draw less amps, have a slightly faster line speed than the earlier VR series. They are also IP68 waterproof rated, and use Albright contactors instead of the old style solenoids.
    The downside is that the pulling power drops off more with each added layer than the earlier VR series.

    They are still substantially slower both under load and no load than the ZEON series.

    With a budget for it I would rather have a ZEON or an XD, but on a tight budget, an imported Warn is still better by far than anything else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdofmemi View Post
    With a budget for it I would rather have a ZEON or an XD, but on a tight budget, an imported Warn is still better by far than anything else.
    Funny you should say as much but on the JKX, we used our 9.5XD multiple times to help others in need and I was AMAZED at how fast it was. Crazy faster than my old PowerPlant and measurably faster than the ZEON's that were there. I know it's not the sexiest winch in the world but I really was impressed with it.

    OH, I should note that mine came with a wireless remote if it matter to anyone.

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    As I found out before getting my Zeon 10S during a Christmas sale awhile back, the VR winches are made in China. However, Warn says they are made to THEIR specs, not whatever the factory is vomiting out. Here’s what they told me almost 3 years ago...

    “Hi Bryan. Warranty statements can be found here:

    It's a Limited lifetime warranty on mechanical and seven years electrical.

    The VR is made in China, but isn't just a "me too" winch. It's made to our specs, our quality control, in a factory that only builds winches for Warn -- not like so many other winches made overseas.”
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    DIY trail/tube door build

    Overall "build thread"

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    I don’t use my winch like you fellas but I have had the VR for 2 years and probably used it 30 times only . Kept it under a cover . Works great every time . Wireless remote sounds sweet tho

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    Where are these models made?

    Made in China though
    2019 JLUR
    2020 JTR

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    Finally got around to installing that Warn Evo. Now I wish I had the wireless controller on my JK.

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    Looks good! I’ve had a Gen 1 VR for over two years now it has always performed. Pulled one car out of the ditch, bush from the yard and my neighbors small tree (SMH). I need to get out more!

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    Mine came in today!

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