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Thread: Jeep Wave from Verdi Nevada

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    Jeep Wave from Verdi Nevada

    Hi good Jeep people and lurking Tacos. We are a jeep family in Verdi, Nevada which if you don't know, is between Reno and Truckee. We've recently done a Jeep refresh and now we have a 2019 JLUR and 2020 JTR. I am retired and use my Jeep to explore the Sierras, photograph wildlife, fly fish, camp, hunt, MTB and I might start volunteering with the search and rescue. I had actually watched almost all of Eddie's videos on YouTube before finding out about this community. I'm not actually retarded, but the TBI I took in Buttcrackistan did leave a mark so we can just blame it on the TBI and I have some bad days where I don't speak well. Anyway, I've read a lot of threads and you sound like a great bunch of people whom I would be honored to know. Our Jeeps are all bone stock right now, including my son's 2020 JT Sport. We are hoping that this community will help us sort through all of the upgrade options as we attempt to improve our machines enough to do all the great trails. We are also hoping to make a few friends to wheel with. If you need help with recovery, I will be paying attention to the threads. My jeep is currently stock, but I will still go with to assist. I plan to do the NOLS Wilderness First Responder course sometime in the next year and it would be great if I could find a group to go with. Oh, and I play around with electronics projects quite a bit. Currently, I'm adapting a salvaged battery from a wrecked Tesla to give me 5.2 kw of power from my camper, all charged with solar and wind. So if anyone needs help with getting degenerate electrons to behave as desired, I can help.

    See you in the Forums and on the trails,

    Rob and Torry
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    Congrats on the Jeeps, welcome from Detroit

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    Welcome to Wayalife from Montana!

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    Welcome from Mississippi

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    Welcome to WAL, from Reno!

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    Welcome from Susanville

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    Welcome from Alabama

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    Welcome to Wayalife from Canada.
    2018 sting gray JL Sport
    SOLD my O7 JKUX

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    Welcome to WAL

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