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So, right off the bat, I'm actually impressed with what I'm seeing especially for a crate axle. The knuckles are massive and made of iron, the ball joints are big, the brakes are massive and the shafts are HUGE. Up front, they're way bigger than what you can get on other crate axles. While their brackets are a lot beefier, they are only robot welded and so the corners aren't wrapped. This is easily fixable by any reputable shop. Also, while I love how big the front shafts are, I would have preferred they came with full circle clips as opposed to c-clips. When it comes to the battle of the crates, Dana really did well with the UD60 and other companies should feel threatened by it.
Sorry, posted this once before and i think i accidentally deleted it when i tried to edit.

Cool, I cannot wait to see you torture test those. That will really tell.

Love these build vids Eddie! Thanks for sharing! Phenomenal craftsmen at work.