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Thread: VIDEO : MAKING of a LEGEND Part 3 - The Home Stretch

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    When I said “keep em coming” in part 2 I had no idea you’d knock this one out so quickly! Thanks!
    2013 JKU Sport "Spider" with some EVO goodies and a chop here and there

    DIY trail/tube door build

    Overall "build thread"

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    Wow! Amazing to watch your JT come together

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    “Bro you got a hellcat engine in here!?!” probably the best part of the video

    Such a badass build! The team at ORE did some amazing work!
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    Damn they make that look so easy...i have no skills LOL

    Did you ever stop grinning like a kid in a candy store while at KING Shocks facilities?

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    It looks awesome! I can't wait to see you have it out on the trail.

    Great Job Mel and team!


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    Quote Originally Posted by wayoflife View Post
    Day 4 of our Gladiator build was a busy one that took us down the home stretch toward its completion. To kick things off, Buddy began the long process of mouthing our new 40x13.50 Nitto Trail Grapplers onto the set of KMC Machete beadlock wheels that we had brought down with us. As he was doing that, Ricky started cycling of our King coilovers and bypass shock suspension system to maximize travel before zipping bolts on and burning everything in. With the hopes of answering a few of the questions that I'd been getting all week, I asked Mel to share some of his thoughts regarding the pros and cons of Dana UD60 axles. Working well into the night, we got the rest of our PSC ram assist steering installed, front and rear JE Reel driveshafts bolted up and our computer programmed for all the changes we've made using a Tazer Mini. Last but not least, we were able to get our Gladiator standing on his own feet again and just in time for us to head out to Jeep Bash. We hope you enjoy and hope you'll tune in again to see the finishing touches.

    If you enjoyed this video, Cindy and I would be grateful if you could please SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel!
    Beautiful build Eddie! Can't wait to see your wheel her!

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    Amazing how fast it came together...and a burnout at the end (someone is going to appreciate that immensely)...

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    I dunno, but I think you will have a distinct advantage over all the others at the JLX. The new Gladiator looks as big as Moby. Do you have a name for her yet?

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    WOW, part 2 and 3 were nothing short of magic by Mel and his crew. They make it look so easy which it it not in the least. Such a professional installation.

    It's an amazing transformation. I loved Mel's burnout and comment. Can't wait to see it out on the trail in action.

    Thank you for sharing.
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    An amazing series Eddie! As always Off Road Evolution did an amazing job with the build.

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