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Thread: LOBSTAH QUEST Part 1 : JL/JT Experience - Driving Our Gladiator Across the Country

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    Great film to start the series! Guys made great time. Looking forward to the rest of the series wheeling the slick rocks and leaves!
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    Long drive, but it looks like you had a good time!

    Put me down for 18:12, one second longer than Part 1!

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    Awesome , been waiting for the videos to come out. Ill have to guess 42:18 for the next video
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    Can’t believe you guys are getting these out already! No rest! I guess you did have 30+ hours on the road! Can’t wait to see the next one

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    That is a serious amount of driving...I remember well my first experience with toll booths as a teenager. I took a Greyhound bus from MA to NJ to buy a '68 VW van, then learned to drive it on the I95 back up to had a three foot long shift lever, and finding 1st gear was challenging, so I drove thru the toll booths in 2nd gear trying not to stall and throw a dime into the basket hoping the gate would open before I had to stop. I finally got shifting it down about somewhere in Connecticut...

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    Only you two could make a 3000 mile freeway video fun to watch (twice). Can’t wait to see Pt. 2.


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    Awesome start!!

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    What a drive! I cannot wait to see the rest of this series!

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    LOBSTAH QUEST Part 1 - Driving Our Built Up Gladiator Across the Country JLX / JTX

    Great video! I don’t know how you stay so chipper traveling all that way! I tend to get a little frayed and maybe grumpy traveling a lot less! Lol!

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    Nice job with the answered questions and truly giving a visual to a long drive. Looking forward to the series. So what was your total toll bill? I think ours was over $100 with the trailer. We decided to select “avoid tolls” coming back.

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