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Thread: LOBSTAH QUEST Part 2 : JL/JT Experience - Check In & Wheeling NORA New York

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    LOBSTAH QUEST Part 2 : JL/JT Experience - Check In & Wheeling NORA New York

    After spending the better part of 4 days on the road and covering almost 3,000 miles along the way, Cindy and I finally made it out to Newburgh, New York, the starting point of Lobster Quest - the Nitto JL/JT Experience presented by KMC Wheels! As always, the first day was a fun one being that we got hook up with old friends and make some new ones as well and being that this was the year of the all new Jeep JT Gladiator, it was great to see PSC, Skyjacker, Drixtin and even Randy showing up with theirs. Better still, most of these trucks were running EVO suspension systems, one had a Hellcat HEMI under the hood and all were running Dana Ultimate UD60 axles pushing 40" tires. Of course, being that we were in Newburgh and staying at a hotel right next to the world famous Orange County Choppers, that's where we got to finish up our day and complete with tour of their facility and dinner as well.

    The first official day of Lobster Quest took us out to Ellenville, New York and to an off-road park known as, Northeast Off-Road Adventures or NORA for short. I should note that this is a private park that does require a fee to use but it is one that offers 4WD training, driving tours and event programs on it's 75 acres of trails. Given the limited amount of off-road options available in the New York area, it really is awesome that the good people at NORA have created this place for people to use. For our purposes, we were truly grateful that they would allow us to take on their trails, soak in the beauty and shake down our Jeep JT Gladiators (most for the very first time) and JL Wranglers on the fun obstacles they had.

    We hope you enjoy watching all the fun we had and hope you'll check back soon for more.

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    UPDATE: And the person who came the closest to guessing the time of Part 3 is...

    Quote Originally Posted by briand View Post
    All I can say is wow, some slick rock out that way! Great video as always.
    I say 25:25
    Congratulations briand!!

    This video was independently filmed, edited and produced by Cindy and Eddie Oh of WAYALIFE. The opinions and actions of the individuals featured are in no way affiliated with or attributable to Nitto Tire, KMC Wheels, Off Road Evolution or any of the JL/JT Experience sponsors.

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    I’ve been patiently waiting for this.....

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    Me: I got to go to sleep, I got a client early tomorrow morning...

    YouTube: Eddie posted a video

    Me: Sleep is overrated...

    Great episode!


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    Looks like you are wheeling in freshly drained fish tank out there... slick stuff. The Trees do look bad ass though. Cool Part 2.


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    Its awesome to think you are wheeling places we get to that are only 45 minutes from where we live.

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    Looks like an awesome time.
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    I'd say 1 hour, love your videos!

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    Looks like a fun trip! I love the northeast in the fall.

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    Looks like a fun place to wheel. 38:13

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    Looks like a awesome time! The JT wheeled darn good.

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