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Thread: LOBSTAH QUEST Part 7 : JL/JT Experience - Beat Up in Bethel Maine

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    Quote Originally Posted by 19YJ94 View Post
    Now that video was full of "SEND IT" moments. I always cringe when damage happens, but just fix it and do it again. It's about the friends and journeys!

    Part 8 guess: 29:20
    Yup, it's all about spending time with good friends and in cool places.

    Quote Originally Posted by rubiDave View Post
    Gnarly trails. I think I'd be winching a lot more rather than risking my hardtop. All's well that ends in a bar though.


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    Yeah, I think most would as well but Synergy was good with it all

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    I'm just really enjoying this whole series! Wayalife videos never disappoints.

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    That was a crazy day! I do love that Cindy was driving to change it up and give it a different perspective. She did awesome!! My guess for the next video is 32:20.

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    Sweet sack of frozen assholes that was fast!

    Thanks again guys. Looking forward to putting these to use.

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