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Thread: VIDEO : SEMA 2019 - DAY 3 / Rugged Ridge / Cargo Glide

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    Really like the look rugged ridge. The finders are the best I’ve seen.

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    VIDEO : SEMA 2019 - DAY 3 / Rugged Ridge / Cargo Glide

    The tilting roof rack seems like it would be difficult to load gear onto. I assume you would load gear onto it while it is tilted. Wouldn't stuff just slide down before you could strap it in?

    Does the snorkel restrict access to the battery terminals and fuse box under the hood?

    The hanging gear bags in the cargo bed are brilliant!

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    Good coverage on RR. That snorkel is sharp. Those DRL flares are sharp and a good alternative for the sport guys.

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    That RR front bumper on the JLUR is pretty sharp. Fenders are nice too. I'm going to quit looking at all of this cool shit. I need to finish Gruff first

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    even thou the new jeep isn't ever going to be parked at my house, i wonder it someone is going to make a taillight that fits flush....... because from the back, the view is just funky?
    Also would like to see a short bed jt.

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    I have to be honest. I use to think rugged ridge was another smittybilt.

    I’ve been impressed with their designs and quality on the JLs and JTs. Their bumpers look like they are factory. Great looking high fenders and lights.

    I love that big aluminum slide, although pricey. I think the Decked is better value.

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