Theyíre are a lot of good deals right now on lightly used JLUs in my neck of the woods and itís got me itching to get out of the 3.8 4 speed to the 8 speed auto. Thereís one JLU in particular that has only 7k miles and going for 31K. Car fax is clean and itís for sale at a reputable Jeep dealership.
I canít really afford to own two wranglers so Iíd have to trade in or sell my 2007, which, even though itís slow as a sloth, I do love how it handles off road and the mods it currently has such as EVO DoubleD longarm and PR44 up front, among a few other items. Being that itís my wife and my first wrangler and weíve had so many fun adventures, it does have sentimental value to us as well. My build plan is to one day be on 40s, so Iím thinking now might be the time to get into a moderately priced JLU and spend the Jeep savings I have on some UD60s on a JLU instead of sinking the money to upgrade the JKU.
Any thoughts from those who have owned both platforms JKU and JLU? Should I take the plunge on a JLU and start a new build? Is 31K a good price for a slightly used JLU?

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